1,5-day seminar for Base Handling

Base Handling is a subsidiary of Servair (n.3 worldwide in the air catering business). For his first yearly seminar, the new executive director wanted to increase the cohesion of his management team in order to increase operations excellence. Interviews with all participants have made possible an initial diagnosis of the main operational and relational challenges.

In the course of 1,5 days, the management team
1. went through strong and interactive experiences around shared leadership
2. started to use Y-Motions leadership toolbox and
3. faced their major challenges and laid down new collective and individual action plans.

In the unfolding months, the monthly management team meetings have measured the increased operational results, the transformation in the relationships and a new vitality in the team.

Executive Team Seminars

Updating the relational software

YMI’s seminars for executive teams aim for quick operational results and long-lasting behavioral changes.

We accommodate seminars with 5 to 500 participants, from 1 to 5 days. We count at least 1 day of preparation for 1 day of seminar. For us, the purpose of a corporate seminar is to shift practices, habits, sometimes even values, in order to dramatically change the relational software and increase well-being and organizational performance.

Finding new leverage points

Shifting team habits and perspectives starts as early as the first interviews: by co-designing the seminar agenda with the team, YMI ensures the highest buy-in and maximizes the impact.

We equip participants with the YMI toolbox, so that they focus on the deepest underlying issues of their challenges: either at a personal level or at an organizational level. By tying the personal and the collective challenges together we help your executives find the most effective leverage points to unleash new habits and new energies.

We conduct seminars for CEOs of startup companies and executives from bigger corporations in 8 different languages.

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