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Why Dropbox and Box are expanding beyond straight-up cloud storage

TPE et PME françaises: investissements IT en hausse.

How the Internet of Things Drives CRM Investments

  • Organizations are leveraging customer relationship management (CRM) technologies as a major part of their digital initiatives to enhance the customer experience, according to a recent Gartner report. Demand for modern technology customer relationships is driving refreshed or expanded integration and usage of all areas of CRM software. The outlook continues to be positive for CRM as buyers focus on technologies that enable more-targeted customer interactions in multichannel environments.

After cloud price cuts from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, what's next?

  • As prices bottom out, cloud vendors will focus on feature sets, lock-in, and highly granular competition from specialists

    Now that Google, Amazon, and Microsoft -- in that order -- have all engaged in a fresh round of price slashing for their cloud services, what's next beyond keeping prices mutually competitive?

Enterprise software, devices to fuel IT spending growth in 2014, Gartner says

  • Worldwide IT spending this year will rise 3.2 percent to $3.8 trillion, driven by rebounding device sales and strong growth in the enterprise software category, according to analyst firm Gartner.

    Enterprise software revenue will jump 6.9 percent to $320 billion, thanks to increased interest in social software, database technologies and data management technologies, according to Gartner.

Microsoft Changes Its Tune With Free Version of Windows

Microsoft's Satya Nadella puts the cloud front and center

  • While the buzz centers on Office for the iPad, the real message in Satya Nadella's coming-out party was the transformation of Microsoft to a cloud behemoth

    From the start, the change in tone was striking. For Satya Nadella's first big dog-and-pony show, 52 days into his tenure as CEO, he did what his predecessor Steve Ballmer seemed constitutionally unable to do: Declare unequivocally that cloud and mobile were first, not just for Microsoft platforms, but across every device.

Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Starting to Pay Off

  • Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise Companies are beginning to reap ROI and productivity benefits from consumer technologies such as smartphones and tablets. As the trend grows, IT leaders are moving beyond first responder status to craft a long-term strategy for success.
    Driven by widespread mobile device usage, the spread of consumerized technologies such as mobile devices appears poised to move from the mainstream to a transformative technology that will trigger widespread changes in how business users work.

IDC: Cloud will be $107B industry by 2017

  • Cloud computing was an estimated $47.4 billion industry in 2013 and is expected to more than double to $107 billion by 2017, research firm IDC predicts.

    The cloud’s 23.5% compound annual growth rate is five times faster than that of the broader technology market, IDC Vice President of data center and cloud Rick Villars said during the IDC Directions conference on Wednesday in Boston.

    Cloud’s adoption has been driven by three major factors:

Microsoft's Lync surging as PBX choice in North America

  • Microsoft's Lync communications platform is making big gains as the IP PBX of choice, particularly in North America and particularly among larger businesses, Enterprise Connect attendees were told.

    Lync ranks 11th worldwide among IP PBX vendors, but comes in No.3 in North America among businesses with more than 100 phone extensions, according to Peter Hale, principal analyst with MZA, speaking at the conference.

Vodafone agrees to buy Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion

  • Vodafone Group continues to strengthen its fixed network holdings by acquiring Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion.

    Vodafone has money to spend after the sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless, and the acquisition of Ono comes as Vodafone last week said it would begin the integration of Kabel Deutschland on April 1. Vodafone bought the German cable operator for approximately €7.7 billion last year.

Bpifrance: favoriser l’exploitation innovante des ressources de données sur les PME

France: Skype refuse de se déclarer comme opérateur télécoms

Mitel acquires contact center supplier OAISYS

  • OAISYS deal marks Mitel’s second acquisition to enhance contact center solutions. Mitel announced this week that it had acquired contact center supplier OAISYS, a developer of integrated call recording and quality management solutions. The acquisition furthers Mitel's strategy to expand its presence in the contact center space.

Study: Companies that go all-in with SaaS can save big

France: chômage record des informaticiens en début 2014

  • Avec, au 31 janvier, 42 300 demandeurs d’emploi, le chômage des informaticiens en France atteint un niveau record en ce début d’année 2014.

    La stabilisation constatée au cours de l’automne n’aura été que passagère : le taux de chômage dans l’IT repart à la hausse pour le deuxième mois consécutif.

TPE France. En 2013, un recul de 0,5% de l'activité.

  • La 53e édition du Baromètre des TPE réalisé par l’Ifop pour la société Fiducial illustre la fragilité du tissu économique des TPE en France, au sortir d’une année 2013 marquée par une baisse globale d’activité et des destructions de postes.

IDC: PC sales won't stop dropping until 2018

  • IDC's Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker released a new set of PC sales projections through 2018, and all signs indicate the PC market will continue to tighten its belt.



France: complémentarité entre smartphones, tablettes et ordinateurs personnels.

Why data-as-a-service has taken off so fast

  • With advantages so huge and services so singularly and smartly focused, cloud adoption is a no-brainer for most

    The primary drivers for moving data into private, public, or hybrid clouds are the efficiency and capabilities that clouds can bring. Enterprises have never seen such efficiencies and capabilities in traditional database technologies, including those from Oracle and IBM.

France: 10% d' utilisateurs 4G

  • L’étude d’, comparateur de forfaits mobiles, montre qu’un Français sur dix a adopté une offre 4G. La vitesse de navigation est le principal argument retenu. Les réfractaires évoquent des forfaits trop chers pour leur utilité.

Smaller Businesses See Big Returns From Social Media

  • Small- and midsized businesses (SMBs) are routinely lauded for their big contribution to the U.S. economy. Now that social media has gained favor among these companies, their marketing efforts are adding social elements with increasing regularity and efficiency.

    A new study commissioned by LinkedIn reports that 81 percent of SMBs are currently using social media to drive business growth, and 94 percent are meeting marketing objectives through social media.

With WhatsApp, Facebook aims for immediacy

  • When's the last time you replied, promptly, to a message sent through Facebook? Aren't sure? Well Facebook, craving more real-time usage of its service, hopes to change that.

    On Wednesday Facebook said it was acquiring WhatsApp, a leading mobile messaging service used by people as an alternative to telecommunications carriers like AT&T and Verizon. Facebook said it was paying US$16 billion for the five-year-old buzzy upstart.

Mobile group: Expect 250M machine-to-machine network links in 2014

Europe: le marché des applications mobiles multiplié par quatre à l’horizon 2018

  • Bruxelles se réjouit après la publication d’un rapport promettant au marché européen des applications mobiles un chiffre d’affaires multiplié par quatre à l’horizon 2018 et près de 3 millions d’emplois créés.

    Vice-présidente de la Commission européenne chargée du volet numérique, Neelie Kroes affiche son optimisme après la publication d’une nouvelle étude sur le marché des applications mobiles.

Rakuten to buy Internet messaging app Viber for $900 million

  • Japan's Rakuten, the e-commerce giant, will acquire instant messaging and calling app developer Viber Media for US$900 million, highlighting its moves to penetrate new markets.

    Rakuten's purchase of the messaging and VoIP company follows its acquisitions of Canada's e-book platform Kobo, Spanish video service, and Viki, a digital content platform.

Google and VMware: Chromebooks + WIndows in the cloud.

  • Google and VMware advance plans for the death of the desktop. No question about it, the PC is taking a backseat to mobile tech in both the consumer and business worlds. But some companies can't part completely with Windows because of issues like legacy apps or existing workflows.

US: Comcast buys Time Warner Cable in $45.2 billion all-stock deal

Q4-2013. Enterprise mobile report details iOS dominance, most popular business apps

France: des tablettes dans 29% des foyers en 2013.

  • Selon une étude GfK/Médiamétrie, le profil-type du tablonaute français a fortement évolué en trois ans, accompagnant la transformation du marché des biens technologiques. Dans un contexte économique difficile, les tablettes ne connaissent pas la crise.

Alcatel-Lucent posts Q4-2013 net profit, readies sale of enterprise unit

How to Make Your Enterprise as Agile as a Startup?

  • The accepted wisdom is that startups are agile and innovative and large enterprises are followers. But these six IT trends may be changing all that, giving large enterprises the capability to compete as innovators.

    Startups are lean, agile and at the forefront of innovation. In contrast, established enterprises tend to be slow and ungainly — or at best, fast-followers — unable to drive innovation in the marketplace. That's what "everyone" says. But what if "everyone" is wrong?

Sony plans sale of its PC operations.

  • Sony's Vaio line of laptops have made a mark. The carbon fiber-based Vaio 11 Pro is only 1.92 pounds, surpassing the 11-inch MacBook Air in portability. The day Microsoft announced a new CEO, word came from Japan that Sony is trying to exit PCs.

    Whatever Sony ultimately does, it's a clear signal. One of the top brands doesn't see PCs running Microsoft software as an attractive market anymore.

Lenovo to buy Motorola Mobility from Google

Today's on-premises ERP systems will soon get the 'legacy' label

  • The highly customized ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems in place at companies around the world are looking a bit long in the tooth, to the point where by 2016 it will be common practice to refer to them as "legacy" software, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Microsoft Open Sources Its Internet Servers, Steps Into the Future

  • For nearly two years, tech insiders whispered that Microsoft was designing its own computer servers. Much like Google and Facebook and Amazon, the voices said, Microsoft was fashioning a cheaper and more efficient breed of server for use inside the massive data centers that drive its increasingly popular web services, including Bing, Windows Azure, and Office 365.

Vivek Badrinath quitte le groupe Orange.

  • Vivek Badrinath, un des piliers de l’exécutif d’Orange (innovation, marketing, technologies), quitte le groupe pour rejoindre le groupe Accor (hôtellerie).

Europe: des mouvements chez les Câblo-Opérateurs

Las Vegas casinos bet on Bitcoin

  • A couple of downtown Las Vegas casinos are taking a gamble with Bitcoin payments. The D casino and the Golden Gate have announced that customers are free to use the virtual currency when paying to stay at their hotels, according to the Associated Press.

    D's will also take Bitcoin at its restaurants and gift shop. While these Bitcoin payment options are a first for Las Vegas casinos, the establishments will not accept the virtual currency for gambling.

It's official: Tablets are replacing PCs in the enteprise

  • As PC sales are decimated, tablets are taking their place in many businesses.

    IDC and Gartner revealed that the PC industry dropped a startling 10% in 2013 compared to 2012. IDC analyst Rajani Singh told Computerworld the market is expected to shrink only 4% to 5% in 2014.


SaaS predictions for 2014

  • While the bulk of enterprise software is still deployed on-premises, SaaS (software as a service) continues to undergo rapid growth. Gartner has said the total market will top $22 billion through 2015, up from more than $14 billion in 2012.

    The SaaS market will likely see significant changes and new trends in 2014 as vendors jockey for competitive position and customers continue shifting their IT strategies toward the deployment model. Here's a look at some of the possibilities.

Is the PaaS market as we know it dying?

  • Cloud's platform as a service (PaaS) market hasn't even grown up yet, but already some people are saying it's doomed.

    A report by 451 Research Group's Senior Analyst Jay Lyman titled "Is PaaS becoming just a feature of IaaS?" codified a growing theory within the cloud computing industry that the PaaS market -- which provides a cloud-based application development environment -- will be consolidated into the two other major cloud models, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS).

Verizon teams with Oracle to tackle Amazon in the cloud

Apple still king of mobile apps with over $10 billion in App Store sales

  • Apple may have the minority mobile share, but it monetizes iOS via mobile app sales far more effectively than Google Play. Apple still king of mobile apps with over $10 billion in AppStore sales
    With all the crowing about Apple and iOS having a minority market share in the mobile space, it's easy to forget that Apple does something with iOS that Google's still struggling to do: make money -- and tons of it -- with mobile apps.

Windows future is bright according to Gartner.

  • Gartner gets bullish about Windows' future.
    PCs may be stuck in a slump, but phones and tablets will drive Windows growth by 29 percent between now and the end of 2015, research firm forecasts

    Gartner today said Windows will recover from its two-year slump, with total device shipments running the operating system climbing by nearly 10 percent in 2014 and almost 18 percent in 2015.

Gartner: Global IT spending will grow slightly in 2014

  • Global spending on IT and telecom products and services will grow 3.1 percent between 2013 and 2014, compared to just 0.4 percent a year earlier, with enterprise software spending driving much of the growth, according to Gartner projections.

The private cloud is giving way to the public cloud

  • Public clouds have matured greatly in recent years and are often the better architectural choice, as well as better value

    Private clouds were the right solution for many enterprises that wanted to realize the value of cloud services without actually moving to a public cloud. However,  the trend now appears to moving to deployments on public or hybrid cloud models.

Alcatel-Lucent sells federal technology unit for US$200 million

Acer looks to cloud to revive business

  • In its first move since ordering a company reorganization, Acer said it is focusing more on software and services to revive its struggling PC business. But analysts expect the company to face a tough road with its new direction, at a time when rivals are also focusing on the cloud.