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Rok Solution, spécialiste du collaboratif dans le cloud, poursuit son développement

  • L’éditeur français Rok Solution, qui creuse le sillon de « l’intelligence collaborative » dans le cloud, poursuit le financement de ses activités et vise les USA. Spécialiste du collaboratif dans le cloud, l’éditeur français Rok Solution vient de lever 1,5 million d’euros auprès de StarQuest Capital et de business angels.

France: le plan Cloud Computing entre officiellement en action

  •  Le plan Cloud Computing entre officiellement en action. Ses chefs de projet (le P-DG d’Atos Thierry Breton et le directeur général d’OVH Octave Klaba) ont obtenu la validation de leur feuille de route, présentée ce 4 juin devant le comité de pilotage de la "nouvelle France industrielle".

Tech Industry Subscribes to New Revenue Model

  • The era of subscriptions is upon us, and vendors courageous enough to adopt a subscription model for selling goods and services stand to pocket long-term payoffs in customer loyalty and recurring revenue.

    That's the message at Subscribed 2014 in San Francisco this week, a well-attended event with attendees evenly split among finance, IT, marketing and operations.

To achieve independence, Apple and Samsung need to leave Google behind.

  • During his WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook defiantly lobbed jabs at Google and Android as he hadn't before. Between taunts about malware, fragmentation, and inferior devices, Cook announced that the company further cut ties with Google by picking Bing as the backbone of its search efforts on its operating systems.

Despite gains, Hadoop still has big holes to fill

  • While the Apache Hadoop distributed data processing platform has made great strides in enterprise businesses, it still needs ease-of-use, security, lifecycle management, and tooling to solidify its status, key industry analysts believe.

    Hadoop has to become "part of the IT environment," said Ovum analyst Tony Baer at the Hadoop Summit conference in San Jose, Calif., this week, but it must become easier to use and not be so programmer-centric.

MapR Extends Hadoop's Reach With Big Data App Gallery

  • MapR Technologies, provider of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, added a new dimension to the big data market today with the launch of a Hadoop application gallery, which features ready-made big data utilities and applications for developers, administrators and analysts. "This is the first of its kind," says Steve Wooledge, vice president of product marketing for MapR Technologies. "It's a showcase of different applications that people are building for Hadoop.

SAP going full steam ahead on HANA, the cloud, and 'simple' software

  • A couple of things became clear during SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner's keynote at the Sapphire conference today: SAP remains committed to the HANA in-memory computing platform, as well as its push into SaaS (software as a service).

    Neither of those conclusions came as a great surprise, but the event gave Plattner an occasion to reassert SAP's direction at its biggest annual conference, shortly after a management shakeup and the anointment of sole CEO Bill McDermott.

Apache Spark is Hadoop's speedy Swiss Army knife

  • Hadoop, the data processing framework that's become a platform unto itself, is only as good as the components that plug into it. But the conventional MapReduce component for Hadoop has a reputation for being too slow for real-time data analysis.

    Enter Apache Spark, a Hadoop data processing engine designed for both batch and streaming workloads, now in its 1.0 incarnation and outfitted with features that exemplify what kinds of work Hadoop is being pushed to encompass.

SFR: les jeux vidéo avec Google Play.

  • SFR exploite le business des jeux vidéo intégré dans une dimension multi-supports (TV, smartphone) avec l’aide de Google Play. Un segment en croissance, selon l’opérateur.

    SFR propose une nouvelle offre convergente dans le domaine des jeux vidéo pour les utilisateurs de son décodeur SFR TV avec Google Play Store. Le principe est simple : tout jeu acheté sur mobile est disponible gratuitement sur le décodeur télé sous Android 4.2.2. Et vice-versa.

Dimension Data to Launch Enterprise Mobility as a Service

  • Dimension Data, a global Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions and services provider, has announced it will launch Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service (EMaaS.) The move signals the company’s intent to offer a suite of cloud-based end-user computing services on a global basis. Availability and pricing will be announced later this year.

BlackBerry subsidiary QNX announces new OS for car tech

  • Dubbed QNX OS for Automotive Safety 1.0, the operating system provides the back-end software for a wide range of in-car security features, including a heads-up display, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and digital instrument clusters.

Tizen seeks role in Internet of things

  • Though the two-year-old Tizen platform is still ramping up, proponents are championing the open source OS as a potential unifier for the much-ballyhooed Internet of things, a change from Tizen's original mission to be a smartphone OS to replace Nokia's Symbian.

A first: Microsoft pulls in more from enterprise collaboration than Cisco

How to use social networking to succeed in business

  • "Networking as an executive in any profession or industry is possibly one of the most valuable ways to build credibility both personally and professionally. It won't happen naturally and requires significant investments both in time and fostering business relationships, but can yield long lasting return on investment both in business, leveraging referrals, new business, and opportunities to advance your own career," says Laura McGarrity, Vice President of Marketing at Mondo, an IT sourcing and staffing firm.

Ericsson predicts tenfold increase in mobile data traffic in five years

Oracle focuses on prepping databases as a service

  • As it preps Oracle Enterprise Manager to run private clouds, Oracle has released an update to the management software that offers the ability for organizations to offer production-ready databases as a service.

Siemens' Unify to cut staff in half

  • Unify, a joint venture between Siemens and the Gores Group, will cut 50 percent of its staff and refocus its product roster away from hardware, following a shift in the overall unified communications market toward software and cloud services.

    The company, which is announced the massive restructuring on Monday, and said it would also boost its channel strategy to work better with reseller partners.

IDC: Cloud, software options deflate sales of enterprise video systems

  • Sales of video conferencing and telepresence hardware systems are declining, hurt by an increase in cloud and software-based options that often are cheaper and simpler to deploy, according to an IDC study.

    In 2014's first quarter, video conferencing equipment revenue shrank 16 percent worldwide year over year to $473.5 million, while units sold fell 6.2 percent.

Software Containers: Used More Frequently than Most Realize

  • Whether you have considered trying to secure an application by putting it into a “sandbox” or wondered how a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider keeps your application and data isolated from other customers, you have been contemplating software containers.  Containers are an increasingly popular method of separating an application from the operating system and the physical infrastructure it uses to connect to the network.  The container is instan

Microsoft to link Office, Windows, and Azure with's CRM

  • Microsoft and have become corporate buddies, pledging to integrate their flagship products in what they're calling a "global, strategic partnership." The agreement calls for's CRM software to be integrated with Microsoft's Windows OS, Azure cloud computing platform, and Office suite, the companies said today.

IBM customizes cloud services for the enterprise

  • Hoping to jump out in front of providers of generic cloud services, IBM has launched a portfolio of cloud packages, called IBM Cloud Business Solutions, designed to run specific business processes such as asset management and customer care.

    Each service is composed of a mixture of IBM consulting services, software, analysis tools, support and cloud infrastructure, and is tuned and customized to meet specific uses.

France. Les TPE, un levier primordial pour développer le business cloud computing.

  • La dernière étude de Markess décrit des prestataires d’offres cloud soucieux de verticaliser leur stratégie et de développer leur canal de distribution ciblant les petites entreprises. Les prestataires IT ont fait des TPE un levier primordial pour soutenir leur activité cloud computing d’ici la fin de l’année 2014.

Lifesize Launches New SaaS Video HD Video Conferencing Service

Twitter users to grow 24.4 percent in 2014, US still largest market

  • Twitter users are expected to grow 24.4 percent in 2014 to over 227 million with double-digit growth forecast to continue through 2018 when the number of users will be nearly 400 million, according to a report.

    The US will continue to be the country with the largest number of individual Twitter users through 2018, eMarketer said on Tuesday. But its share of users, currently at 20 percent, will drop over the years and give Twitter the opportunity to grow its advertising revenue from outside the U.S.

Atos veut se rapprocher de Bull pour renforcer son influence en Europe.

Google Cloud previews Docker-based virtual machines

  • Google is throwing its weight behind containers, an increasingly popular virtualization technology that can ease the process of spinning up applications in the cloud.

    Google previewed a virtual machine for its Google Cloud service based on a popular open-source container technology called Docker. Docker provides a container for an application and its supporting libraries and programs, so that the application can be moved easily from server to server.

Alcatel-Lucent et Thales partenaires dans la cyber-sécurité

Couchbase brings NoSQL power to mobile apps

  • Couchbase, makers of NoSQL key-value and document database products, is delivering a new mobile-centric line of products designed to make it easier for app developers to synchronize data between devices and back-end data stores.

The ABCs of the Internet of Things

  • What is the Internet of Things?

    There is no agreed-upon definition, but there is a test for determining whether something is part of the IoT: Does one vendor's product work with another's? Does a door lock by one vendor communicate with a light switch by another vendor, and do you want the thermostat to be part of the conversation?

Thai government picks Office 365 for 8 million students

  • About 8 million students and 400,000 teachers in Thailand will be given access to Office 365, the biggest deployment yet for Microsoft's cloud apps suite in the education sector.

    The Thai education commission has signed a five-year agreement with Microsoft to provide Office 365 free to students and teachers in the agency's jurisdiction.

    Wednesday's announcement doesn't say which edition of Office 365 will be used.