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Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant

Oracle cloud business is now half the size of Salesforce, and the gap is closing quickly.

Polycom Enhances Collaboration Portfolio

Polycom has enhanced its collaboration portfolio with several new features including facial recognition, noise suppression technology, and mobile device upgrades that improve picture quality. The features are integrated with the Polycom RealPresence Group Series and Polycom RealPresence® Resource Manager software.

France, Big Data: moins de 2 entreprises sur 10 sont prêtes.

Plus de 8 entreprises françaises sur 10 ne sont pas encore prêtes à se lancer dans l’aventure du big data, selon une étude menée par Ernst & Young.

Microsoft will acquire Revolution Analytics, reflecting the company’s wider interest in data science and R language.

Microsoft has agreed to acquire open-source software company Revolution Analytics, heavily embracing the R programming language, a data analysis tool widely used by both academics and corporate data scientists.

Revolution Analytics is best known for offering developer tools for use with the R language, and though Microsoft already works with R, this represents a new bet on the language, reflecting the company’s wider interest in data science.

Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Takes Off, War With Google Apps Rages On

Microsoft's cloud-based Office 365 is the company's fastest growing commercial product ever, and adoption shows no sign of stalling. The company's cloud revenue (which included Azure and Dynamics CRM as well as Office 365) grew 128 percent in the most recent quarter compared to the same period last year, and the number of Office 365 commercial seats in use nearly doubled.

AT&T opens doors between UC platforms and gives enterprises the key

Enterprises want open communication with the people they do business with—but not too open.

AT&T’s UC Federation service, introduced on Thursday, is designed to break down walls between unified communications platforms but let users keep organizational boundaries in place. That should serve two key requirements for large enterprises that find themselves working ever more closely with partners, customers and acquired subsidiaries.

LinkedIn Makes Enterprise Inroads With New Communication Tools

LinkedIn, the social network for professionals, now wants to help you share ideas and increase productivity within your company, in addition to finding outside opportunities. You will soon get LinkedIn tools that make it easier to connect with colleagues and share content within specific divisions of a company.

The company's plans, also include a new app that will make it easier for colleagues to engage and stay connected.

Facebook at Work aims to get on boss' good side

Facebook is looking to enter the workplace and is determined to be acceptable there.

On Wednesday, the company announced a pilot launch of Facebook at Work, which enables organizations to create private social networks where coworkers can collaborate and communicate. The smartphone app, visible in iOS and Android App Stores, can only be downloaded by pilot partners.

Dropbox boosts mobile talent with CloudOn

Dropbox on Tuesday added yet another young startup to its brain trust with the acquisition of Israeli mobile-productivity app maker CloudOn.

The move also broadens Dropbox's presence outside the United States, where some 70 percent of its 300 million users are located, the company said. CloudOn's engineers will form Dropbox's first Israel office, which joins locations in San Francisco, Seattle, New York, and Dublin.

Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub for business meeting

Microsoft is hoping it can make droning business meetings a little more productive.

The company on Wednesday introduced the new Surface Hub, an 84-inch touchscreen 4K display equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and built-in microphones and cameras.

Europe: le "Cloud Public" en progression.

Techconsult estime que les entreprises en Europe commencent à se familiariser au cloud public, sans pour autant s’en approprier tous les enjeux. A mesure qu’elles en cernent le potentiel, les entreprises européennes franchissent le pas vers le cloud public.

Citrix software aims to solve storage/virtual desktop performance problem

Citrix has updated its virtual desktop and appliance software with a goal of alleviating one of the biggest problems that come with a VDI deployment: Storage.

It's common for centralized storage pools to hinder the performance of virtual desktops and apps. When potentially dozens of users are all connecting into a shared storage service at once, it puts tremendous strain on the system.

Facebook open-sources image recognition, language modeling and machine learning software

Facebook has released as open source some software modules that can speed image recognition, language modeling and other machine learning tasks, in a move to advance computer artificial intelligence for itself and others,

Altran: accélérateur de start-up dédié aux objets connectés dans le milieu industriel.

La SSII Altran a créé un accélérateur de start-up dédié aux objets connectés dans le milieu industriel, et lance son premier appel à candidatures.

Les tendances du "Panorama Cyber-Sécurité" en 2014

A travers son Panorama, le CLUSIF aborde les grandes tendances de la cyber-criminalité. Un exercice dense en raison de la profusion des alertes de sécurité. Quelle sont les tendances du Panorama Cyber-Sécurité retraçant l’année 2014 établi par le CLUSIF ?

Cisco crashes the enterprise mobile party with new collaboration app

Cisco will package and deliver enterprise collaboration capabilities via a mobile and Web app built to replicate the ease of use of consumer software but designed for ad hoc, workplace team interaction.

The app, called Project Squared, joins a growing number of "consumerized" enterprise mobile and Web apps built by startups and designed to put a spin on collaboration, messaging, productivity, video conferencing and communications.

Apple's Swift is instant hit among top programming languages

Apple's new Swift language, featuring modern-day development capabilities for building OS X and iOS applications, is likely to find swift, high placement in assessments of programming language popularity.

Startup funding hit $47B in 2014, surpassing dot-com bubble levels.

Large rounds of funding for mobile apps like Uber propelled 2014 spending to heights not seen since the era. Startups are partying like its 2001. At least, that's how venture capitalist are spending their money. The investment industry shelled out $47.3 billion on startups in 2014, reaching levels approaching the height of the bubble, according to a report venture capital database CB Insights published Thursday.

Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of things

The only limit to the Internet of things isn't imagination or technology. It's the vendors. Will your Whirlpool, Maytag, or GE washer be able to communicate with your Samsung TV or Apple iPhone, Sears oven, or any other device?

Without interoperability, consumer devices, electronic appliances, and sensor-equipped wearables won't recognize each other and communicate. It will make scenarios, such as this one, difficult:

8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015

If only senior IT executives had a crystal ball. Then they would be able to see what software they would need, or want, to license – and could plan and budget accordingly.

Instead, senior IT decision-makers must rely on vendors, marketers and analysts (and technology reporters) to show them what the future may have in store for them. And while no one truly knows what trends will dominate the enterprise software space in 2015, experts in BI, CRM, ERP and enterprise software believe these eight are worth paying attention to.

Why on Earth Is IBM Still Making Mainframes?

IBM's new z13 mainframe

VideoDesk a levé 4,8 M$ pour son développement international.

Editeur d’une solution de tchat texte, audio et vidéo pour les sites d’e-commerce, le Français VideoDesk a levé 4,8 millions de dollars pour multiplier sa force de frappe à l’international. Une enveloppe apportée par plusieurs business angels (Jérome Camblain, Bertrand Meunier, Bertrand Mabille, Didier Chambard), le fonds régional de co- investissement de la région Ile-de-France (FRCI) géré par CapDécisif et la BPI.

Enterprises win as cloud and on-site software vendors duke it out

More price cuts are expected this year because of fierce competition between cloud and on-site software providers, and enterprises will be the beneficiaries.

In particular, in the customer relationship management market, a key cloud battleground, seat prices for segments such as sales force automation are expected to decline in the next twelve months and by 25 percent through 2018, according to market research company Gartner.

Microsoft's device share growth to outpace Apple's through 2016

Microsoft's share of shipped devices will climb slightly this year and pick up some steam in 2016, but Apple's share will grow at a more sluggish pace because of slow-downs in iPhone and iPad, Gartner forecast Monday.

For 2015, Windows' share of the operating systems on all devices -- smartphones, tablets, PCs, ultra-lights and hybrids -- will climb to 14.4 percent, up from 14 percent last year, Gartner said in new estimates. It claimed that shipments would increase by less than 7 percent, to 355 million.

WebRTC close to tipping point as Cisco, Microsoft announce products

It was all the way back in the Spring of 2011 that Google released WebRTC, its nascent real-time, browser-based, HTML5-powered, no-plugin-required video chat project to the public. In the three and a half years since, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the W3C have been working together to try to formalize the standard, prepare the stable 1.0 release, and get it ready for prime time.

iOS outshines Android among corporate crowd, says survey

Apple's iOS is the dominant platform in the corporate world, based on a survey conducted by investment firm Piper Jaffray.

Among 112 corporate information officers polled by Jaffray analyst Troy Jensen, 98 percent said they favor iOS for business operations. Moreover, 89 percent said they equip their workers with iOS devices, according to an investors note released Tuesday by analyst Gene Munster.

Ericsson aims to triple network speeds for 4G phones

Ericsson expects that 4G smartphones will be able to download data three times faster later this year with a little help from wireless spectrum usually used by Wi-Fi, the company announced Monday.

The Future for Consumer Goods in the Data Economy

Data is fundamentally changing the nature of our relationships. The use of social media is now underpinning the way in which we talk to each other, while e-commerce and advertising platforms are changing the way we communicate with brands.

Tizen: Samsung looking at developers

Taesoon Jun, Samsung's chief architect on Tizen, explained the benefits of the operating system last week during Samsung's developer conference in San Francisco.
In February 2013, a group of heavy-hitting companies led by Samsung held a glitzy evening event in Barcelona -- complete with freshly shucked oysters and made-to-order crepes -- to mark the debut of the Tizen mobile operating system, co-developed by Samsung and Intel.

France. Projet de loi Macron sur le numérique: actionnariat salarié, open data et dématérialisation.

Start-up, entrepreneurs, PME…Le projet de loi Macron intègre des volets numériques liés à l’actionnariat salarié, l’open data et la dématérialisation.

Quelle est la place du numérique dans le projet de loi « pour la croissance et l’activité » ? La vocation de ce texte poussé par Emmanuel Macron, ministre de l’Economie, est de « libérer l’activité partout en France et dans tous les secteurs ».

When Enterprises Become Carriers

Communication is a critical function for any business. Listening to customers. Negotiating with suppliers. Collaborating with teams and partners. Without it, no business can thrive or survive. In the past, businesses of all sizes were dependent on carriers for all of these services. According to Standard & Poor’s 2013 Global Sales Report, 46 percent of the S&P 500 business occurs outside of the United States, which is up from 42 percent ten years earlier.

France. Nouvel incubateur Smart Data for Customer Intelligence.

A travers la création du nouvel incubateur Smart Data for Customer Intelligence, l’assureur Axa et Paris Région Lab soutiennent le développement à long terme de 9 start-up innovantes françaises.

Hybrid cloud adoption set for a big boost in 2015

Spurred in large part by enterprise interest in the hybrid cloud, the overall cloud market is likely to see great growth in the coming year.

Industry analyst firm IDC predicts that the global cloud market, including private, public and hybrid clouds, will hit $118 billion in 2015 and crest at $200 billion by 2018. If the market shows that much growth next year, it will mean a 23.2% rise over the $95.8 billion market it reached in 2014.

Nokia et Alcatel-Lucent: l'idée d'un rapprochement en discussion?

Nokia mènerait, en interne, des discussions remettant sur la table l’idée d’un rapprochement avec le Franco-Américain Alcatel-Lucent. Voici quelques années que les bruits de couloir circulent autour d’un éventuel rapprochement des deux équipementiers télécoms Nokia et Alcatel-Lucent. S’il est encore trop tôt pour envisager cette issue, la situation et les orientations stratégiques des deux groupes rendent l’hypothèse d’autant plus plausible à moyen terme.

France: SaaS Academy pour accompagner les éditeurs français de logiciels dans le virage du cloud.

Le programme fédérateur SaaS Academy vise à accompagner les éditeurs français de logiciels dans le virage du cloud.

Comment accompagner les éditeurs de logiciels français dans le cloud ? C’est l’un des principaux enjeux de leur transformation numérique.

Some teens may indeed be anti-Facebook

Facebook's popularity might be on the decline among some teenagers, the company signaled Wednesday.

For younger teenagers, Facebook has seen a decline in the number of daily users, the company reported during its third-quarter earnings call. Overall, usage among U.S. teens was stable between the second and third quarters, but the decrease in daily usage for some was noted early in the prepared remarks of Facebook's chief financial officer, David Ebersman.

France, Cloud. Les organisations françaises ont une approche de plus en plus stratégique du cloud.

Pierre Audouin Consultants constate que les entreprises commencent à intégrer le cloud comme élément-clé de leur SI et non plus seulement comme un levier d’économies. Entre flexibilité, accélération du time-to-market et réduction des coûts dans un contexte d’incertitude économique, les organisations françaises ont une approche de plus en plus stratégique du cloud.

Salesforce connects SharePoint files to its cloud with new tool

Salesforce is furthering its play to bring everybody everywhere into the fold with the launch of Salesforce Files Connect, a new tool that brings files from on-premises Microsoft SharePoint into a company's  cloud workflow.

Over 2 billion smartphones will circulate in 2016, report predicts

The popularity of smartphones will continue to stair-step until they account for the majority of mobile phones worldwide in 2018, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer.


GENBAND Partners with Alcatel-Lucent on NFV

GENBAND announced that it has joined the Alcatel-Lucent CloudBand Ecosystem Program in a partnership designed to accelerate market development for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). As a program member, GENBAND will access Alcatel-Lucent’s NFV lab in an effort to integrate key components of its NFV applications and solutions portfolio with Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand NFV Platform.