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The City of Boston moved to Google Apps.

The City of Boston has moved every city employee, including those working in police, education and transportation, away from Microsoft Exchange and into the cloud with Google Apps.

Following a review of the market in 2013, the city initiated a RFP (tender) process that attracted bids from both Microsoft and Google's cloud teams. However, a selection committee composed of members from the City IT organisation, Boston Police and Boston Public Schools unanimously chose Google Apps.

GoDaddy to help Microsoft push Office 365 for small businesses

Domain name company GoDaddy will offer Office 365 email and productivity services to its small-business customers, after signing a long-term partnership with Microsoft.

The two companies have created a simple way to attach Office 365 to a domain name from GoDaddy, with the aim of helping small-businesses to work anywhere and look more professional, GoDaddy said on Monday.

GoDaddy will offer three packages for small enterprises that cost US$3.99, $8.99 and $12.49 per month, per user, with an annual contract.

Dématérialisation: rapprochement Xamance et Home Bubble

Xamance et Home Bubble (comment archiver et gérer des documents en ligne) se rapprochent pour développer plus vite le business grand public mais aussi pro.

Xamance, éditeur français du service d’archivage et de gestion de documents, acquiert son concurrent Home Bubble. Le montant de la transaction n’a pas été communiqué.

Cisco teams with VMware, Citrix to counter Amazon's new cloud-based desktop

The trio of Cisco, VMware and Citrix are teaming up to provide a new cloud-based desktop as a service (DaaS) offering aimed mostly at service providers. The move comes just weeks after Amazon Web Services announced its foray into the DaaS market, and could signal a wave of new DaaS offerings in the market early next year.  

Dell joins forces with Dropbox to boost hosted storage for enterprises

Dropbox is getting help from Dell to convince enterprises to pick its hosted storage and file-sharing platform, and also to make it more secure.

Take advantage of enterprises' growing interest in and acceptance for personal cloud-based storage services, vendors like Dropbox have been partnering with large telecom operators and software vendors.

Microsoft gives students free Office 365

Schools and universities that license Microsoft Office for their staff can now hand out Office 365 free to students, Microsoft said Monday.

The program, dubbed "Student Advantage," was unveiled in mid-October, when Microsoft promised that it would debut Dec. 1.

IT managers are increasingly replacing servers with SaaS

IT managers want to cut the number of servers they manage, or at least slow the growth, and they may be succeeding, according to new data.

IDC expects that anywhere from 25 percent to 30 percent of all the servers shipped next year will be delivered to cloud services providers. By 2017, nearly 45 percent of all the servers leaving manufacturers will be bought by cloud providers.

Le Cloud dans les PME-PMI en France. Un marché de 1,58 milliard d’euros en 2013.


Porté par le dynamisme des offres d’infrastructure hébergée (IaaS), le marché français des services cloud pour les PME devrait, selon le fournisseur américain de solution IT Parallels, peser 1,58 milliard d’euros en 2013.

Que pèse le marché du cloud pour les PME en France ? Parallels l’évalue à 1,58 milliard d’euros sur l’année 2013.

SaaS is cloud computing's quiet killer app

IaaS and PaaS may get all the headlines, but SaaS is where the majority of action takes place in the cloud claimed that Dreamforce had about 120,000 attendees last week, which -- in our own Caroline Craig's estimation -- sounded a "bit high."

Box acquires technology to let admins keep better track of content

Cloud storage vendor Box has acquired the technology behind a company called dLoop, which it will use to add more controls that give enterprises more features for protecting their content.

Enterprises have become increasingly interested in storage services offered by the likes Box, Citrix Systems, Dropbox, Egnyte and EMC, which lets users store and share content online. Enterprise interest has been a boon for the vendors, but has also put more demands on especially security and management.

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