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France: Microsoft et Sage renforcent leur collaboration sur le segment PME

Microsoft et Sage renforcent leur collaboration sur le segment PME sur fond de cloud, de pilotage des données en entreprise et de Windows 8.

Office 365 turns one, but success is tough to tally

Beware of misleading numbers, says one analyst; look at Office Web Apps' progress, argues another A year after the launch of Microsoft's ambitious Office 365, it's almost impossible for outsiders to get a grip on how the software-by-subscription program has done, analysts admitted today.

Partners get improved admin tools to manage customers' Office 365 environments

Microsoft will roll out over the coming weeks enhanced administration tools for partners that manage their customers' Office 365 deployments.

The revamped Office 365 admin console has new and improved tools for resellers, systems integrators and other Microsoft partners hired by their customers to manage the email and collaboration suite on their behalf.

For starters, the console now will let partners view in a single page all the Office 365 environments they manage for their customers.

Today's on-premises ERP systems will soon get the 'legacy' label

The highly customized ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems in place at companies around the world are looking a bit long in the tooth, to the point where by 2016 it will be common practice to refer to them as "legacy" software, according to analyst firm Gartner.

MailJet, e-mailing en mode SaaS, met le cap à l’international.

C’est une transition en douceur que MailJet effectue en termes de management. En pleine croissance, le spécialiste de l’e-mailing, rattaché à l’univers start-up d’eFounders, met le cap à l’international.

Le fournisseur de services Internet Strato (Deutsche Telekom) relance une offensive commerciale en France

Propriété du groupe Deutsche Telekom, le fournisseur de services Internet Strato relance une offensive commerciale en France avec une équipe dédiée. Le point avec ses dirigeants.

SaaS predictions for 2014

While the bulk of enterprise software is still deployed on-premises, SaaS (software as a service) continues to undergo rapid growth. Gartner has said the total market will top $22 billion through 2015, up from more than $14 billion in 2012.

The SaaS market will likely see significant changes and new trends in 2014 as vendors jockey for competitive position and customers continue shifting their IT strategies toward the deployment model. Here's a look at some of the possibilities.

The City of Boston moved to Google Apps.

The City of Boston has moved every city employee, including those working in police, education and transportation, away from Microsoft Exchange and into the cloud with Google Apps.

Following a review of the market in 2013, the city initiated a RFP (tender) process that attracted bids from both Microsoft and Google's cloud teams. However, a selection committee composed of members from the City IT organisation, Boston Police and Boston Public Schools unanimously chose Google Apps.

GoDaddy to help Microsoft push Office 365 for small businesses

Domain name company GoDaddy will offer Office 365 email and productivity services to its small-business customers, after signing a long-term partnership with Microsoft.

The two companies have created a simple way to attach Office 365 to a domain name from GoDaddy, with the aim of helping small-businesses to work anywhere and look more professional, GoDaddy said on Monday.

GoDaddy will offer three packages for small enterprises that cost US$3.99, $8.99 and $12.49 per month, per user, with an annual contract.

Dématérialisation: rapprochement Xamance et Home Bubble

Xamance et Home Bubble (comment archiver et gérer des documents en ligne) se rapprochent pour développer plus vite le business grand public mais aussi pro.

Xamance, éditeur français du service d’archivage et de gestion de documents, acquiert son concurrent Home Bubble. Le montant de la transaction n’a pas été communiqué.

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