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Orange Business Services: l’offre Flexible Storage

Orange Business Services se dote de l’offre Flexible Storage : du stockage cloud à destination des grands comptes et PME avec une dimension mobilité.

With Office for iPad, Microsoft pushing subscription-first future

Microsoft's "freemium" switch for Office on iOS is one of the last remaining keys to the company's biggest pricing change in years. It's been a long battle, but Microsoft seems to have conceded the fight to keep Apple's hands off proceeds from its mobile software.

Box to offer usage-based pricing, file conversion service

The cloud-based storage and collaboration company is looking beyond its roots. As it heads toward an estimated US$250 million initial public offering, cloud storage and collaboration provider Box is thinking outside, well, itself.

The nine-year-old company introduced an alternative to its traditional per-user pricing on Wednesday, as well as its first service that doesn't rely on customers storing their data with Box.

Infor goes all-in with Amazon Web Services for cloud ERP

Infor is betting big on Amazon Web Services for its cloud ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) software strategy, with plans to begin offering a series of product suites on the company's IaaS (infrastructure as a service).

Google shrinks Drive cloud storage prices

A 1TB plan that used to cost almost $50 per month is now $9.99 per month. Google has slashed the price of some Drive plans, as it battles Microsoft, Dropbox, Box and others in the red-hot cloud storage market.

Google still offers 15GB of Drive storage free with a Google account, but it cut the monthly price of the 100GB plan from $4.99 to $1.99 and the 1TB plan from $49.99 to $9.99.

Unify sets timetable for launch of its Project Ansible unified communications service

Unify plans to offer Project Ansible as a service with connectors to its on-premise OpenScape voice products, starting in October. Unify has set a timetable for the launch of its Project Ansible unified communications product, with beta testing scheduled for May.

VMware one-ups Amazon for Windows desktops as a service

VMware Horizon DaaS claims to be the first hybrid desktop as a service, deliverable from both public and private clouds

If VMware teaming up with Google to deliver Windows desktops to Chromebooks via VMware Horizon View didn't hammer the final nails into conventional desktop's coffin, VMware has driven in a few more with VMware Horizon DaaS, a new desktop-as-a-service platform that can be delivered either from a conventional public cloud or the private variety.

France: e-commerce en mode SaaS; Oxatis se renforce pour son développement.

En 13 ans d’existence, Oxatis vient de boucler son troisième tour de table. L’éditeur revendique plus de 7300 e-commerçants membres sur trois pays (France, Angleterre et Espagne).

France: une offre innovante pré-intégrée de cloud hybride destinée aux PME.

Un consortium réunissant APX, Cisco, Cloudwatt, UshareSoft, Netapp et Suse commence à promouvoir Plug2watt, une offre innovante pré-intégrée de cloud hybride destinée aux PME, pour simplifier le déploiement de configuration de cloud hybride en entreprise.

When You Pay for Cloud Storage, You’re Only Paying for Convenience

What do you get for your money? That’s the question everyone looking to buy a piece of tech asks themselves. It also happens to be the question this recurring feature will try to answer. Is it worth spending extra on high-end gear, or do you get what you need with cheaper models?

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