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Amazon building ad system to compete with Google's

Amazon plans to expand its small online ad delivery business enough to take on Google's AdWords, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The company is developing a platform for delivering ads both on its own properties and other sites, potentially creating a significant new source of revenue for the e-commerce giant, the report said. The move could also reduce the number of Google-delivered ads on Amazon's own site.

Amazon to acquire video game streaming site Twitch for $970 million

Amazon will pay US$970 million to acquire Twitch, a site for live video broadcasts of people's video gaming sessions.

Amazon said in a statement it would pay $970 million in cash to acquire all outstanding shares of Twitch, in a deal that CEO Jeff Bezos said would let Twitch build new services for the gaming community. The price will be adjusted for the assumption of options and other items, Amazon said.

Microsoft adds Yammer to more Office 365 editions

Microsoft will bundle Yammer with more editions of Office 365, adding the enterprise social-networking product to the suite's editions for schools and midsize businesses.

Existing subscribers of Office 365 Midsize Business and Office 365 Education plans will get licenses for Yammer's Enterprise edition at no additional cost, the company said Monday.

15 conseils pour augmenter les ventes de votre site e-commerce

Une sélection de 15 conseils donnés par des professionnels de l’e-marketing, pour vous aider à augmenter drastiquement les ventes de votre site e-commerce.

Salesforce takes a shot at Zendesk, Freshdesk with Desk.com upgrade

Salesforce.com wants to be the go-to option when small and medium-sized businesses decide they need better customer support software, with a series of updates to its Desk.com application. Desk.com is the result of Salesforce.com's 2011 acquisition of Assistly and is the SMB alternative to its Sales Cloud support software suite, which is aimed at big companies.

Rok Solution, spécialiste du collaboratif dans le cloud, poursuit son développement

L’éditeur français Rok Solution, qui creuse le sillon de « l’intelligence collaborative » dans le cloud, poursuit le financement de ses activités et vise les USA. Spécialiste du collaboratif dans le cloud, l’éditeur français Rok Solution vient de lever 1,5 million d’euros auprès de StarQuest Capital et de business angels.

How to use social networking to succeed in business

"Networking as an executive in any profession or industry is possibly one of the most valuable ways to build credibility both personally and professionally. It won't happen naturally and requires significant investments both in time and fostering business relationships, but can yield long lasting return on investment both in business, leveraging referrals, new business, and opportunities to advance your own career," says Laura McGarrity, Vice President of Marketing at Mondo, an IT sourcing and staffing firm.

Twitter users to grow 24.4 percent in 2014, US still largest market

Twitter users are expected to grow 24.4 percent in 2014 to over 227 million with double-digit growth forecast to continue through 2018 when the number of users will be nearly 400 million, according to a report.

The US will continue to be the country with the largest number of individual Twitter users through 2018, eMarketer said on Tuesday. But its share of users, currently at 20 percent, will drop over the years and give Twitter the opportunity to grow its advertising revenue from outside the U.S.

France: Strato renouvelle son approche de création de sites Web pour TPE/PME.

A partir du système CM4all Sites 2.0, l’Allemand Strato a remis à plat son offre de création de sites Web (fonctions et tarifs). L’offre est déclinée sur le marché français. Strato, fournisseur de services Internet (hébergement, noms de domaines, pack c-commerce…) et filiale de Deutsche Telekom, renouvelle son approche de création de sites Web. L’offre est revue avec la renaissance de ses activités en France.

How Gamification Drives Business Objectives

As more businesses add gamification to their repertoire of tools, the misconception remains that awarding points or badges for existing activities should do the trick. After all, who doesn't like more points and badges?

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