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Alcatel-Lucent ups the ante in unified access

At Interop this week, Alcatel-Lucent updated its wired/wireless unified access portfolio with a new access switch, and SDN and application analytics extensions.

The enhancements build upon Alcatel-Lucent's unified access strategy announced last fall. The strategy competes with those from Cisco, HP, Brocade and Extreme Networks.

Vodafone agrees to buy Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion

Vodafone Group continues to strengthen its fixed network holdings by acquiring Spanish cable operator Ono for €7.2 billion.

Vodafone has money to spend after the sale of its stake in Verizon Wireless, and the acquisition of Ono comes as Vodafone last week said it would begin the integration of Kabel Deutschland on April 1. Vodafone bought the German cable operator for approximately €7.7 billion last year.

France: Skype refuse de se déclarer comme opérateur télécoms

Malgré les injonctions de l’ARCEP, Skype refuse de se déclarer comme opérateur télécoms en France en vertu du CPCE. Une enquête préliminaire est ouverte.

Mobile data growth helps Deutsche Telekom, Orange offset competitive pressures

Telecom operators Deutsche Telekom and Orange's latest results were negatively impacted by tough competition on fixed as well as mobile networks, but cost cuts and mobile data partly helped of offset that.

Deutsche Telekom and Orange both reported their fourth quarter and full year results, ending Dec. 31, on Thursday.

Alcatel-Lucent works with Red Hat to virtualize mobile networks

Alcatel-Lucent is betting big on operators wanting to virtualize their mobile networks using NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technology, in order to become more nimble and less reliant on proprietary hardware.

Virtualization has already changed how enterprises build and manage their IT infrastructure, and now mobile operators are looking at doing the same thing, and vendors are re-architecting their products. Purported advantages include lower costs and faster deployment of new services.

Ericsson to show off 450Mbps LTE mobile networking

Carrier aggregation can combine multiple channels from multiple base stations.

Telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson will show a new variety of LTE mobile networking next week that can reach data rates of 450 megabits per second.

Ericsson readies mobile unified communications push

Enterprises will in the future get hosted unified communication services via mobile networks, according to telecom vendor Ericsson, which has developed the underlying platform to make that possible.

US: Comcast buys Time Warner Cable in $45.2 billion all-stock deal

The merger will accelerate innovation and, in time, allow customers of both companies to profit from the other's services, they said.

Europe: des mouvements chez les Câblo-Opérateurs

En France, la holding Altice confirme sa montée en puissance dans Numericable. Tandis que le groupe américain Liberty Media s’empare de Ziggo aux Pays-Bas.

Apple still king of mobile apps with over $10 billion in App Store sales

Apple may have the minority mobile share, but it monetizes iOS via mobile app sales far more effectively than Google Play. Apple still king of mobile apps with over $10 billion in AppStore sales
With all the crowing about Apple and iOS having a minority market share in the mobile space, it's easy to forget that Apple does something with iOS that Google's still struggling to do: make money -- and tons of it -- with mobile apps.

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