IBM begins integration of its cloud portfolio with SoftLayer

IBM has begun integrating its cloud portfolio with cloud computing infrastructure from its US$2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer Technologies, starting with its social learning platform targeted at a variety of industries.

IBM's $1 billion Linux investment: Buying Power

IBM loves Linux -- so much so, in fact, that it's pledged $1 billion for Linux development over the next five years. So what's IBM planning to buy for its $1 billion?

Power -- as in a far broader market for its Power line of high-end server processors. Stimulating Linux application development for Power will make it easier for the company to bring new markets to that high-end chip set.

IBM preps SmartCloud for real-time analytics

Deploying an update of its DB2 database, IBM is pitching its SmartCloud IaaS (infrastructure as a service) for use in data reporting and analysis.

"We're the only player in the marketplace that has [a cloud service] for data-in-motion -- being able to analyze data in real time," said Bob Picciano, IBM's general manager for Information Management.

IBM unveils MessageSight to orchestrate 'Internet of things'

IBM today unveiled MessageSight, a 2U appliance that would serve as a cornerstone to Big Blue's "Internet of things" vision: The hardware is a big data orchestrator, and according to IBM, it's capable of handling up to 13 million incoming messages per second flowing in from up to 1 million different sensors installed in anything -- automobiles, medical equipment, home appliances, mobile devices -- such that the data can be transformed into useful information.

IBM says OpenStack will be central to its future cloud strategy

Already a platinum member of the cloud operating system platform OpenStack, IBM officials said open source code from the project will be the foundation of the company's cloud strategy moving forward, including a new product it announced today. At the company's Pulse show in Las Vegas, IBM announced SmartCloud Orchestrator, a service that helps customers configure the compute, storage and networking resources for applications to run on the company's SmartCloud platform.

IBM makes big mobile push with MobileFirst

IBM is making a renewed push into the burgeoning market for all things mobile, saying it can help its corporate customers grow revenue and become more competitive through mobile app development.

IBM gives cloud storage controls to corporate users

IBM released major upgrades to three enterprise storage products, including a self-service software portal for end users.

IBM said the new SmartCloud Storage Access software gives users a portal to provision storage for their own computers. Traditionally, storage is provisioned by an IT administrator, a process which can take hours or even days.

IBM targets AWS with enterprise cloud offer

In what appears to be a swipe at market leader Amazon Web Services, IBM announced a new version of its public cloud computing offering that provides customers additional support and services to manage enterprise applications in its cloud, such as those from SAP.

IBM: Companies facing social media conundrum

The company's study shows that many businesses are embracing social media tools, but to what end? IBM issued a report today that found while most companies are accelerating their social media plans, many are struggling to figure out what it all means.

IBM makes security push with cloud services, products aimed at mobile and big data

Analysts say IBM is basing much of its advances on technology from its acquisitions of Worklight, BigFix, Guardium, and Q1 Labs

IBM today widened its security offerings with products and cloud-based services focused broadly on both mobile devices and big data, both areas where IBM foresees growth as enterprises sort out their strategies toward both.

The barrage of announcements from IBM include:

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