IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment

IBM will pour $3 billion into computing and chip materials research over the next five years as it rethinks computer design and looks to a future that may not involve silicon chips. The computer design initiative could pave the way for functional quantum and cognitive computers that mimic brain functionality.

Mirantis and IBM offer bare-metal hosted OpenStack-as-a-service

OpenStack, the build-your-own-cloud software adopted as a flagship product by Red Hat, Canonical, and others, has long been seen as difficult to set up and manage.

Now IBM (by way of its Softlayer cloud subsidiary) and Mirantis (an outfit that's both an OpenStack vendor and solutions provider) are pairing up to provide OpenStack as a private, on-demand, pay-as-you-go service hosted on bare metal provisioned exclusively for the user.

IBM customizes cloud services for the enterprise

Hoping to jump out in front of providers of generic cloud services, IBM has launched a portfolio of cloud packages, called IBM Cloud Business Solutions, designed to run specific business processes such as asset management and customer care.

Each service is composed of a mixture of IBM consulting services, software, analysis tools, support and cloud infrastructure, and is tuned and customized to meet specific uses.

IBM extends e-commerce into cloud with ExperienceOne suite

IBM has broadened its e-commerce offerings with a new range of digital marketing and customer analytics that can be provided through on premises software or via a cloud service that customers appear increasingly open to adopting.

IBM puts all its cloud services in online marketplace

On its IBM Cloud online marketplace that goes live on Monday, enterprises can find the full range of IBM's offerings behind a single gateway.

Server from IBM, Google, others part of effort to best Intel in data centers

IBM's new compute architecture and the OpenPower Foundation have high aspirations: dislodge Intel from data centers.

IBM launched its Power8 chip architecture for next-generation servers, which it describes as "a sliver of silicon that measures just one square inch...embedded with more than 4 billion microscopic transistors and more than 11 miles of high-speed copper wiring."

France: un nouveau data center IBM-SoftLayer à Paris en 2014.

Un data center SoftLayer sera érigé dans Paris pour le compte d’IBM. La branche française de la firme IT veut renforcer « son empreinte cloud ».

IBM to consolidate communication and collaboration wares into Connections suite

Connections' scope will extend beyond enterprise social networking to include email, productivity apps, and video conferencing. IBM will house its email, communication, and collaboration products in its Connections suite, whose scope until now has been limited to ESN (enterprise social networking) software.

This means that the Connections bundle will include the Notes/Domino email platform, Docs office productivity apps and Sametime tools for IM, audio/video communications and Web meetings.

Lenovo is buying IBM's low-end servers -- and its customers

After IBM sold its PC division to Lenovo back in 2005, it seemed likely IBM would also in time shed itself of its only marginally profitable commodity x86 server division. Now IBM's done just that by selling its x86 server division to Lenovo as well, a move long rumored to be in the works.

But this $2.3 billion sale isn't merely about Lenovo trying to find new markets and profitability in commodity hardware. With it, Lenovo could in time become an IBM -- a sales-and-software juggernaut -- with IBM's current customers as a starting point.

IBM pumps $1.2 billion into global cloud data centers

Dispelling any lingering doubt that IBM sees cloud computing as the way of the future, the company announced that it will invest US$1.2 billion in 2014 in expanding its global cloud infrastructure.

"Having lots of data centers in lots of different countries around the world will be important in the long term," said IBM SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby. "We want the world to understand that cloud is transformational for IBM."

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