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Rackspace growing but its cloud is still tiny next to AWS

Hosting provider Rackspace exceeded analyst predictions Friday when it posted strong financial results, but it continues to be dwarfed in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market by the juggernaut that is Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Rackspace reported overall second quarter earnings of $22 million, and revenues of $376 million, up 18 percent on the previous year and beyond the Wall Street predictions of $372 million.

France: l'usage de l'Internet mobile en hausse.

En dépit de considérations autour de la vie privée et de réserves quant à la qualité des réseaux télécoms, les Français prennent le pli de l’Internet mobile.

Eux qui sont, au 30 juin 2013, 46,2% à s’y être connectés « au moins une fois au cours des 12 derniers mois », n’étaient que 40% un an auparavant… et tout juste 30% en 2011.

Perspectives globales de dépenses IT en France: à la baisse pour l’année 2013.

Malgré l’essor des smartphones, des services IT et des offres cloud, Forrester revoit à la baisse ses perspectives globales de dépenses IT en France pour l’année 2013.

Dans un contexte économique difficile marqué par la transition du PC vers le mobile, des serveurs vers le stockage et des logiciels sous licence vers le cloud, Forrester revoit à la baisse ses perspectives globales de dépenses IT en France pour l’année 2013.

Forrester: File sync and share heats up in the enterprise

In another example of the consumerization of IT, people have embraced cloud storage and file sharing services like Dropbox both at home and at work, and CIOs better take notice about this trend, according to a Forrester Research report.

"There is huge business value in these types of services," said Rob Koplowitz, co-author of the study "File Sync and Share Platforms, Q3 2013. "They solve a bunch of business problems."

Voice-over-LTE won't take off until 2015, will have to compete with telephony apps

The technology to implement Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) is maturing, but mobile operators won't roll out telephony services in earnest until 2015.

India to overtake U.S. on number of software developers by 2017

The U.S. may be the global center of the IT universe, but India will exceed the U.S. in the number of software developers by 2017, a new report notes. There are about 18.2 million software developers worldwide, a number that is due to rise to 26.4 million by 2019, a 45 percent increase, says Evans Data Corp. in its latest Global Developer Population and Demographic Study.

Businesses moving to cloud storage despite significant reservations

Business use of cloud services for handling sensitive infomation is skyrocketing, and a new study finds that corporate anxiety about the security of that information is rising right along with it.

Cloud adoption's tipping point has arrived

The relative adoption of various types of cloud services.
(Source: Gartner)

Google should be regulated like telcos and electricity companies, say rivals

Companies who have been assessing Google's planned remedies to anti-competitive practices called on the European Commission on Tuesday to reject them and to consider regulating Internet search.

Apple OSes to overtake Windows in 2015, says Gartner

Sales of devices based on Apple's Mac OS and iOS will overtake those of products running all flavors of Windows in 2015, a Gartner analyst predicted Monday.

The switch in leadership would come roughly 13 years after Steve Jobs reinvented Apple, launching the iPod and plotting the company on a new path that has seen it conquer and define new markets, beginning with music players and continuing through cellphones and tablet computers.

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