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OVH: financement de 140M€

OVH, spécialiste de l’hébergement au niveau international (Europe et Amérique du Nord en particulier), annonce qu’il a bouclé un financement de 140 millions d’euros. En fait, il ne s’agit pas d’une levée de fonds avec augmentation de capital.

Tablets surpass smartphones in driving global Web traffic

For devices that hit the market just three years ago, tablets are doing pretty well, generating 8 percent of all Internet traffic.

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Gartner: CRM software top priority for IT spending in 2013-14

CRM (customer relationship management) software will be the top priority for additional spending on enterprise applications around the world in 2013 and 2014, according to newly released data from analyst firm Gartner.

The category edged out ERP (enterprise resource planning), which took up the second-highest spot, with office suites coming in third, according to Gartner.

Gartner: Public cloud market to grow 18.5 percent in 2013

The global public cloud computing market will grow 18.5 percent in 2013 to $131 billion, up from $111 billion last year, research firm Gartner predicts. Through the next three years, cloud spending is predicted to total $677 billion, with almost half of that spending made up of cloud advertising.

Does telecommuting really reduce employee performance?

Academic research suggests that working more than one day a week away from the office, for jobs that require a lot of collaboration with colleagues, can cut into performance.
When Yahoo told workers last week that they could no longer work from home, there was no shortage of punditry opining on the merits of the decision.

Skype breaks records, traffic grows by 44 percent

Microsoft's call app increased its traffic in 2012 by twice the amount of all international phone carriers combined -- it's calls are now equal to one third of all global phone traffic.

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Cloud views for 2013

Gartner predicted in December 2011 that cloud computing would be getting real in 2012. They said cloud computing "is becoming a reality." But did that happen?

RCS, WebRTC Will Unlock Mobile UC Potential

There are different consumer services that don't use the term "UC," but offer many of the same capabilities. They include Skype, Facebook, Foursquare and Google+, which is the most business-oriented. These services offer functions such as presence, chat and email tied to what in most cases is essentially a social networking platform.

Gartner: Quarter of enterprises to create app store in next five years

A quarter of all enterprises will create their own app store in the next five years, according to a report from analysts at Gartner, as IT staff seek to manage the threat posed by the growing bring your own app (BYOA) trend.

Alcatel-Lucent CEO to step down amid losses and declining revenue


Alcatel-Lucent reported a fourth-quarter net loss of €1.37 billion (US$1.81 billion), and at the same time announced it is hunting for a new CEO.

Current CEO Ben Verwaayen will step down as soon as a replacement is found, and will not seek re-election as a director, the company announced Thursday.

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