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Google should be regulated like telcos and electricity companies, say rivals

Companies who have been assessing Google's planned remedies to anti-competitive practices called on the European Commission on Tuesday to reject them and to consider regulating Internet search.

Apple OSes to overtake Windows in 2015, says Gartner

Sales of devices based on Apple's Mac OS and iOS will overtake those of products running all flavors of Windows in 2015, a Gartner analyst predicted Monday.

The switch in leadership would come roughly 13 years after Steve Jobs reinvented Apple, launching the iPod and plotting the company on a new path that has seen it conquer and define new markets, beginning with music players and continuing through cellphones and tablet computers.

Vodafone offers €7.7 billion for Kabel Deutschland in fixed network push

Vodafone plans to acquire Germany's largest cable operator, Kabel Deutschland, for €7.7 billion (US$10.1 billion) as it looks to become more competitive by combining mobile, fixed broadband and TV subscriptions, it said Monday.

"Office" cloud apps. 8% of overall "office" system users in 2013.

Claims that most organizations have moved, or are moving, to cloud email or cloud office systems don't square with research by Gartner: "Gartner estimates that there are currently about 50 million enterprise users of cloud office systems, which represent only 8 percent of overall office system users (excluding China and India). Gartner, however, predicts that a major shift toward cloud office systems will begin by the first half of 2015 and reach 33 percent penetration by 2017."

GE thinks it's time to put industrial data in the cloud

Internet tools are just starting to be applied to industrial tasks such as maintaining equipment and optimizing operations, but the wealth of data being produced by industrial systems could make this a major focus of development in the coming years.

Cisco overtakes IBM as top cloud hardware provider

Cisco has overtaken IBM as the leading provider of infrastructure for cloud computing, analysts at Synergy Research report.

Mobilité. Les PME françaises à la pointe, mais pas pour la sécurité des terminaux mobiles.

Selon une étude de YouGov pour Citrix, les PME ont adopté les terminaux mobiles, mais 74% n’auraient pas déployé les solutions de sécurité adéquates pour assurer leur gestion.

Cloud computing is about to get personal

While businesses have been deploying cloud technology for some time, it's only recently that personal cloud services have emerged. The advent of the personal cloud means content, applications and computing power can move off the device. So, will we still need sophisticated tablets, PCs and smartphones if the power resides elsewhere?

Windows Phone to own 12 percent of smartphone market by 2017

Windows Phone could grab 12 percent of all smartphone shipments by 2017. And it'll be nipping at Apple's heels, as the percentage of shipments held by Microsoft's mobile OS surges from just 2.4 percent last year, says research firm Canalys.

Microsoft's Windows Phone will account for 12.7 percent of all global smartphone shipments in another four years, Canalys said in a forecast released Tuesday.

Cisco study projects 3.6 billion Internet users by 2017

Cisco has once again released its study of global Internet traffic with the Cisco Visual Networking Index. Among the study's findings:

  • In 2012, there were 2.3 billion Internet user representing about 32% of the world's population;
  • by 2017, there will be about 3.6 billion Internet users -- more than 48% of the world's projected population (7.6 billion).

Also projected for 2017:

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