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Software Licensing in the Cloud. More flexibility.

Software license models in the cloud are often pay-as-you-go and/or subscription-based licenses. The best known example is, which is licensed according to the number of users on a subscription basis. This model works well for a full integrated service, or when replacing an existing (on-premises) software solution.

Employees get the cloud, but IT -- not so much

Individuals are ahead of their employers (and IT) in adapting to and exploiting the new technologies

Cloud storage is beginning to see productive use -- and IT is not having any of it. After all, why let productivity get in the way of preventing an unlikely security threat?

Unified communications: Now mobile and in the cloud

Effective communications, many would argue, is the key to business. But finding the appropriate technologies to support effective communications can be challenging for IT professionals. Unified communications is a concept that encompasses a variety of technologies, all capable of working together, and, yes, while communication is a human process, technology can enhance and improve it.

5 smartphone trends at Mobile World Congress

The key characteristics of new mobile devices are bigger, faster, or cheaper

Big smartphone vendors such as High Tech Computer (HTC) and LG Electronics are trying to get their mojo back after some challenging times, and they hope to do so by putting quad-core processors and big, high-definition screens in the products on show at Mobile World Congress.

Quad-core processors

Une station de travail en entreprise coûte plus de 200 euros par an

Selon une étude d’IDC, le coût d’un poste de travail s’établit en moyenne entre 205 et 240 euros par an. Un argument en faveur de la virtualisation.

D’un tel constat découle une réticence prononcée à renouveler le parc informatique, ou même à réaliser une première acquisition.

L’enquête a sondé certaines entreprises qui consentent à mettre sur table jusqu’à 300 euros annuels.

Video now accounts for half of mobile data traffic

Video now accounts for half of all data transferred on mobile networks, up from 40% during the same time last year, according to ByteMobile's first quarter 2012 Mobile Analytics Report.

Where is the video growth coming from? Increased use of tablets, more support for HD video etc?

On certain mobile networks, video can account for up to 69% of traffic, ByteMobile found in its quarterly survey of 3G and 4G mobile networks that use ByteMobile's network management tool, SmartCapacity.

Résultats France Télécom : 17 millions de clients supplémentaires

France Télécom a publié ses résultats 2011. On y apprend que le groupe comptait sur 226,3 millions de clients dans le monde au 31 décembre 2011 (en hausse de 8% sur l’année), dont 167,4 millions d’abonnés mobiles hors MVNO.

2012 Tablet sales

More information on 2012 tablet sales. See comments.


Apple, Samsung Led Tablet Market in Q4-2012

Apple and Samsung Electronics led the tablet market in the fourth quarter of 2012, but new entrant Microsoft did not make it to the top five with its Surface tablet.

The market share of Apple also continued to drop in the quarter, IDC said on Thursday.

Social messaging cost carriers $14B in SMS revenue

Cell phone owners are turning to other services to chat with friends, according to Ovum. It also says carriers lost $8.7 billion in SMS revenue in 2010 because of social messaging.

Is iMessage hurting SMS revenue? You better believe it.

It's no secret SMS is wildly popular, but according to a new report from research firm Ovum, carriers around the world lost quite a bit of revenue last year after mobile phone owners turned to other services to chat with friends.

Symantec: Mobile adoption has reached tipping point

Adoption of mobile devices has reached a tipping point in the workplace, with most businesses in a recent Symantec survey pondering development of custom applications or already running line-of-business applications on these handheld units.

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