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Cyberattacks triple in 2012, Akamai says

China remains the largest culprit, with 41 percent of fourth-quarter observed attack traffic originating in the country, up from 33 percent in the third quarter.

Cyber warfare incidences jumped sharply in 2012, Akamai said, with the number of distributed denial of service attacks more than tripling from the previous year.

Office 365 furnishes 4% of Microsoft's Office division revenue

Revenue for the Microsoft Business Division (MBD) in the first quarter was $6.1 billion, 5 percent above 2012's first quarter when adjustments for a free Office upgrade program were excluded. Office 365, Microsoft's expanded subscription program that it's promoted for both businesses and consumers -- and on which the company is pinning plans to drive future income -- will account for about 4 percent of the division's revenue for the fiscal year, Microsoft said.

US: people spend 16 minutes of every hour online on social nets

Americans are so fixated on social networks that they spend an average of 16 minutes out of every hour on them, according to a study by Experian Marketing Services.

In the U.S., 27% of users' time online is spent on forums and social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Experian said. Experian included both desktop and mobile users in its study.

US. 60% of businesses support BYOD

More than six out of 10 companies allow or mandate the use of employee-owned mobile devices for work in order to increase productivity, according to a survey.

While the BYOD (bring your own device) push has been at the forefront of press coverage, the majority of companies still provide at least a subset of devices to employees.

Completel, croissance rapide sur le marché des télécoms B2B

A l’issue d’une année 2012 marquée par un recul généralisé du chiffre d’affaires des opérateurs nationaux, Completel rend une copie autrement plus convaincante et revendique le statut d’exception dans le paysage français des télécoms.

France: 68% des profesionnels jugent le cloud "utile pour pour certaines utilisations"

Le groupe d’utilisateurs Java Paris JUG a publié les résultats d’une enquête en ligne sur l’utilisation du cloud en entreprise par des développeurs et architectes informatiques.

Sans surprise, 68% des 429 professionnels interrogés entre février et mars jugent le cloud « utile pour certaines utilisations », mais ils ne sont pas plus de 22% à considérer « indispensable » l’informatique en nuage.

Employees still use online file sharing, even if companies prohibit its use

More than 75 percent of corporations have policies that prohibit the use of consumer OFS (online file sharing) and collaboration tools, yet employee use of the services is still rampant, according to an Enterprise Strategy Group survey.

"The thing is, IT had control of the data in the past. Now, it has only been three years since this [OFS] market has taken off and now data is everywhere," said Terri McClure, who spoke at SNW here Tuesday.

Tablet shipments to outstrip PCs by 72 percent in 3 years

Three years from now, tablet computers will outsell traditional Windows PCs, and do so by a whopping 72 percent, according to the latest projections from Gartner. In between, PC shipments drop at ever faster rates.

Some of that decline will be made up by the faster growth in "ultramobiles," the new breed of Windows 8 devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro. But the PC decline is permanent, reflecting a "long-term change in user behavior," according to the Gartner statement.

Avaya willing to share customers with Cisco, Microsoft in three-way networking battle

Avaya unified communications products can get along with Microsoft's Lync Server, and many customers will probably choose to deploy both rather than just one, says Avaya's CEO.

Despite what he sees as shortcomings of Microsoft's real-time communications platform, businesses will see value to some of its features, and supplement those with products from Avaya, says Avaya chief Kevin Kennedy.

Corporate SIP trunks could equal T-1 links by 2015 in the US

The percentage of North American companies using SIP or Session Initiation Protocol trunking and traditional T-1s will just about equalize in two years, marking a dramatic shift in technology used for external corporate communications.

Of the 278 companies responding to an Infonetics Research survey, 58% say they will use at least some SIP trunks in 2015 while 55% say they will use will use at least some T-1s.

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