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Baisse notable des revenus des opérateurs télécoms français au 2e trimestre 2013

L’Observatoire des marchés de l’ARCEP révèle une baisse notable des revenus des opérateurs télécoms français au 2e trimestre 2013. Les marges se contractent essentiellement sur le mobile.

Facebook slips in social log-in dominance

During the Q3-2013,  Facebook was again the most popular identity provider, but it lost some ground, with its share dropping slightly to 45 percent.

Enterprise-specific mobile apps, enterprise app stores on the rise

Despite the fact that companies are developing mobile apps for as many as five or more operating systems at once, 85 percent of those organizations don't have a director of mobile strategy, according to a survey from mobile app development and analytics tool vendor Appcelerator. Appcelerator, which boasts a developer base of half a million and harvests analytics from over 166 million devices and more than 60,000 apps developed with its technology, polls mobile app developers quarterly to examine trends amongst them.

Gartner: Hybrid cloud is today where private cloud was three years ago

Pretty much anyone you talk to in the cloud market today will tell you that the hottest buzzword in the industry is hybrid.

VMware just launched a Hybrid Service; as did CloudSigma. HP executives emphasis their hybrid cloud offering. Rackspace, IBM and dozens of other vendors each have a hybrid cloud strategy too.

French National Police Switch 37,000 Desktop PCs to Linux

France’s National Gendarmerie — a national law enforcement agency — is now running 37,000 desktop PCs with a custom version of the Linux operating system, and by summer of next year, the agency plans to move all 72,000 of its desktop machines to the open source OS.

Nokia et Alcatel-Lucent: l'idée d'un rapprochement en discussion?

Nokia mènerait, en interne, des discussions remettant sur la table l’idée d’un rapprochement avec le Franco-Américain Alcatel-Lucent. Voici quelques années que les bruits de couloir circulent autour d’un éventuel rapprochement des deux équipementiers télécoms Nokia et Alcatel-Lucent. S’il est encore trop tôt pour envisager cette issue, la situation et les orientations stratégiques des deux groupes rendent l’hypothèse d’autant plus plausible à moyen terme.

Microsoft's deal with AT&T shows the new path for cloud partnerships

Microsoft's newly announced joint venture with AT&T, in which AT&T customers get VPN access to Microsoft's Azure cloud platform, may be a sign of how the cloud giants are looking in novel places -- like telecom providers -- for partnerships and alliances.

Cloud vendors and telecom outfits have been slowly knitting together partnerships in which the telcos provide high-grade, high-speed data transports for customers looking to move their data into (or out of) the cloud.

The (welcome) rise of the cloud middleman

In any kind of business deal, a middleman can be either a blessing or curse. In the worst cases, he or she might gum up the works by making communication with vendors difficult and charge you a premium for the privilege of being inconvenienced. In the best cases, the middleman's expertise might save you time, money, and aggravation, and it could be well worth whatever margin he or she might apply to the deal. IT has historically been rife with middlemen of both varieties.

Mobile app download tally will soar above 102 billion in 2013

Mobile apps continue to be a major driver of the smartphone and tablet ecosystem and are a big reason people purchase and use those devices.

Gartner on Thursday said the number of overall mobile app downloads -- both free and paid -- will soar to 102 billion by the end of this year, up from 64 billion in 2012. By 2017, the number of app downloads should reach nearly 269 billion.

Improving SMBs With UC

Different businesses today operate utilizing various IT service models.  The best systems build a communication and data access structure that allows organizations to experience improved interactions amongst employees within the company, as well as with their customers and other clients. With the impact brought about by these delivery models, all areas in business operations undergo a huge positive turnaround.

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