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Gartner: Social business software efforts largely unsuccessful, for now

Many large companies are embracing internal social networks, but for the most part, they're not getting much good from them, according to analyst firm Gartner.

By 2016, some 50 percent of enterprises "will have internal Facebook-like social networks," and 30 percent of these will be considered to be as crucial as email and telephones, a Gartner study announced on Tuesday states.

BYOD: significant growth in 2012.

The BYOD (bring your own device) movement hit a full sprint in 2012 and the following infographic puts BYOD data in colorful perspective. But is a BYOD reality check coming in 2013?

The bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, trend was all the rage as employees brought their personal tech gadgets, such as iPads and smartphones, to work and pressured IT to support them. TrackVia put together an infographic (see below) using data from multiple sources that document BYOD's meteoric rise.

Mobilité France: les PME aiment Samsung

Dans le sillage du grand public, les PME françaises ont placé les téléphones mobiles au coeur de leur réflexion et les ont massivement adoptés. Cet appétit se confirme au baromètre de Futur Telecom*, qui a enregistré, entre 2011 et 2012, une progression significative de ses ventes en volume (+23%).

En tête de palmarès, 46% des terminaux écoulés sur l’année sont estampillés Samsung.

Cloud service partnerships could boom in 2013

Cloud service providers will seek out partnerships to offer a wider breadth of services that customers are increasingly demanding, a new report from research firm Current Analysis predicts.

The market has already seen some partnerships, but researcher Amy Larsen DeCarlo, principal analyst covering security and data center services for Current, expects to see even more alliances as customer use case requests outpace the ability of individual providers.

Gartner sees 'structural shift' in PC market


iPad to woo more corporate customers in 2013, says analyst

A survey of chief information officers by Piper Jaffray points to greater adoption of the iPad and tablets in general over the coming year. The iPad will land in the hands of more business users in 2013, according to a poll conducted by Piper Jaffray analyst Troy Jensen.

Gartner: Global IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion in '13

The research firm spots some easing of pessimism, saying now that it expects spending on IT products and services to rise by 4.2 percent in 2013, up from the prior forecast of 3.8 percent.

IT spending around the world is likely to hit $3.7 trillion for the coming year, according to a report out today from Gartner.

The latest projection calls for an increase in spending of 4.2 percent in 2013, an improvement over Gartner's 3.8 percent estimate from last year's third quarter.

Top UC predictions for 2013

Topics that are discussed here:

The consumerization of UC

Unified communications (UC) was born to serve the enterprise market, with voice over IP (VoIP) as the prerequisite service needed to create the remaining UC portfolio. As with many services that users learned to value in the workplace, the portfolio of UC services is also gaining popularity among consumers. We have seen UC features offered to consumers by wireline providers, by over the top (OTT) providers, and (to a lesser extent) by wireless providers.

Windows Phone adoption will surge for five years

Windows Phone is poised to be the fastest-growing mobile OS over the next five years, but when all is said and done, Microsoft will boast just 9 percent of the world's smartphone shipments, according to a newly released report from research company Analysys Mason.

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