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Siemens Enterprise changes its name to Unify

Siemens Enterprise Communications has changed its name to Unify and now hopes to take advantage of a growing interest in hosted unified communications.

The rebranding comes at time when the way enterprises communicate is changing. Thanks to trends such as bring-your-own-device, employees are no longer tied to a desk and a desk phone for their work.

State of the Cloud: a Gartner summary.

Gartner Managing Vice President Daryl Plummer, the master of the concise, astute observation, A delivered his annual 'state of the cloud' report Wednesday at the company's Symposium. Here are his six key points:

The CMO-CIO Disconnect: manque de communication Marketing et Informatique dans les entreprises

Une étude d’Accenture met en lumière le manque de communication encore trop important entre ces deux directions stratégiques dans les entreprises.

On associe souvent le marketing au domaine plus large de la communication. Et l’informatique est, entre autres, censée offrir des outils permettant de mieux communiquer.

Whirlpool adopte Google Apps for Business

Whirlpool, grand fabricant et distributeur d’électroménager, vient d’adopter les solutions Google apps for Business. L’objectif est d’accélérer la communication entre les différents pôles géographiques du groupe.

Whirlpool revoie sa stratégie IT en adoptant les solutions Google apps for Business.

Gartner: The Top 10 IT predictions for 2014

Gartner analysts today whipped out their always interesting and sometimes controversial look at what the consultancy thinks will impact the IT arena in the near future.

Some of the technology trends are not new The so-called Internet of Things and cloud computing for example, but there are some hot new areas  like 3D printing and software-defined networking that will be making an impact on IT sooner rather than later.

Study: Most CEOs lack vision, leadership on new computer tech

A majority of CEOs are failing to steer their companies towards effective use of new computer technologies, which precludes their organizations from making major business improvements.

That's the conclusion of a new study by the MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting titled "Embracing Digital Technology: A New Strategic Imperative."

Gartner warns of vendor upheaval in technology shift

At its big IT conference here this week, Gartner analysts put into a milkshake what everyone knows, gave it a good shake, and then used its conclusions to scare its audience of IT professionals and vendors.

Gartner analysts warned that a data explosion threatens to overwhelm, sensors will be everywhere, 3D printing will change everything, and smart machines will replace people.

Baisse notable des revenus des opérateurs télécoms français au 2e trimestre 2013

L’Observatoire des marchés de l’ARCEP révèle une baisse notable des revenus des opérateurs télécoms français au 2e trimestre 2013. Les marges se contractent essentiellement sur le mobile.

Facebook slips in social log-in dominance

During the Q3-2013,  Facebook was again the most popular identity provider, but it lost some ground, with its share dropping slightly to 45 percent.

Enterprise-specific mobile apps, enterprise app stores on the rise

Despite the fact that companies are developing mobile apps for as many as five or more operating systems at once, 85 percent of those organizations don't have a director of mobile strategy, according to a survey from mobile app development and analytics tool vendor Appcelerator. Appcelerator, which boasts a developer base of half a million and harvests analytics from over 166 million devices and more than 60,000 apps developed with its technology, polls mobile app developers quarterly to examine trends amongst them.

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