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France, Cloud. Les organisations françaises ont une approche de plus en plus stratégique du cloud.

Pierre Audouin Consultants constate que les entreprises commencent à intégrer le cloud comme élément-clé de leur SI et non plus seulement comme un levier d’économies. Entre flexibilité, accélération du time-to-market et réduction des coûts dans un contexte d’incertitude économique, les organisations françaises ont une approche de plus en plus stratégique du cloud.

Over 2 billion smartphones will circulate in 2016, report predicts

The popularity of smartphones will continue to stair-step until they account for the majority of mobile phones worldwide in 2018, according to a new report from research firm eMarketer.


Mobile industry association GSMA plans for 5G mobile

Mobile industry association the GSMA has released a new report to outline its perspectives on the development of 5G mobile.

The Understanding 5G: Perspectives on Future Technological Advancements report outlines the technical requirements of future 5G networks, and explores potential use cases as well as the implications for operators and other mobile ecosystem players.

IBM climbs on the Docker bandwagon

Docker fever continues to spread across the enterprise IT landscape. Following similar moves by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, IBM is equipping its enterprise cloud services to run the Docker virtualization containers.

Delivered as part of its Bluemix platform services, the IBM Containers service is currently in beta and will allow users to launch and run Docker containers on the IBM Cloud.

Mobilité, France. Les PME en période de transition.

Orange estime que les PME françaises sont encore loin d’exploiter le plein potentiel des terminaux mobiles (smartphones, tablettes) qu’elles fournissent à leurs employés.

The Internet of things to bring a new economic boom

The Internet of things (IoT) may be more significant in reshaping the competitive landscape than the arrival of the Internet. Its productivity potential is so powerful it will deliver a new era of prosperity.

That's the argument put forth by Michael Porter, an economist at the Harvard Business School and James Heppelmann, president and CEO of PTC, in a recent Harvard Business Review essay. PTC is a product design software firm that recently acquired machine-to-machine (M2M) firm Axeda.

Cloud is the new data center, and AWS is the best data center.

Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan said it in the fewest words: “Cloud is the new data center, and AWS is the best data center.”

Tizen: Samsung looking at developers

Taesoon Jun, Samsung's chief architect on Tizen, explained the benefits of the operating system last week during Samsung's developer conference in San Francisco.
In February 2013, a group of heavy-hitting companies led by Samsung held a glitzy evening event in Barcelona -- complete with freshly shucked oysters and made-to-order crepes -- to mark the debut of the Tizen mobile operating system, co-developed by Samsung and Intel.

How Apple, Samsung, and BlackBerry are fighting to win the enterprise

Samsung Electronics' deal with BlackBerry and Apple's efforts to make it easier to configure and deploy massive numbers of iPhones highlight how the smartphone makers are battling for supremacy among enterprise users.

As the smartphone market becomes saturated in the U.S. and Europe, enterprise users will be big winners. To continue to grow, manufacturers are courting CIOs more aggressively by making products more secure and easier to manage.

Mobile transaction users to jump to 2 billion by 2017

Apple Pay could help boost mobile transactions in the next few years. The total number of users who plan to engage in mobile transactions will rise substantially in the next few years, according to a new report from Juniper Research.

By the end of 2017, there will be 2 billion smartphone or tablet users engaging in some form of mobile commerce transaction, the research firm reported Monday. Juniper expects the total number of users worldwide to hit 1.6 billion at the end of 2014.

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