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France: e-commerce en mode SaaS; Oxatis se renforce pour son développement.

En 13 ans d’existence, Oxatis vient de boucler son troisième tour de table. L’éditeur revendique plus de 7300 e-commerçants membres sur trois pays (France, Angleterre et Espagne).

France: une offre innovante pré-intégrée de cloud hybride destinée aux PME.

Un consortium réunissant APX, Cisco, Cloudwatt, UshareSoft, Netapp et Suse commence à promouvoir Plug2watt, une offre innovante pré-intégrée de cloud hybride destinée aux PME, pour simplifier le déploiement de configuration de cloud hybride en entreprise.

When You Pay for Cloud Storage, You’re Only Paying for Convenience

What do you get for your money? That’s the question everyone looking to buy a piece of tech asks themselves. It also happens to be the question this recurring feature will try to answer. Is it worth spending extra on high-end gear, or do you get what you need with cheaper models?

ShoreTel Integrates Communications Platforms with Salesforce CRM

ShoreTel announced it has integrated the Salesforce CRM system with ShoreTel’s portfolios.   Integrating the two platforms will offer businesses reporting on the effectiveness of communications and customer interactions. ShoreTel’s “single source view” is designed to provide insights that enable higher productivity and more effective collaboration of sales, thus creating greater customer satisfaction and better business results.

Mirantis, IBM give businesses 75,000 reasons to adopt OpenStack

When Mirantis wanted to see how well OpenStack scaled when dealing with tens of thousands of VMs, it teamed up with IBM's SoftLayer to create some benchmarks. The results: Some 75,000 small VMs were deployed over approximately 8 hours, with VMs taking around 200 seconds on average to boot.

Google, Microsoft, Salesforce back OpenID Connect

After some four years of wrangling, the OpenID Foundation has finally given the thumbs-up to OpenID Connect, its protocol for both authenticating users and providing a distributed way to handle privacy and permissions.

But a protocol by itself is a long way from being a full solution to the nasty hash of credentials, mechanisms, and standards that developers and administrators have to deal with whenever the word "security" enters the conversation.

Microsoft sketches ambitious enhancements for Office 365

Microsoft didn't disappoint with the new and improved capabilities it announced and demonstrated for Office 365 this week, but how well they work in the real world remains to be seen.

At its SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft laid out its vision for making Office 365 a more intelligent collaboration suite via new social interactions, APIs (application programming interfaces) and machine learning capabilities.

SAP adds subscription pricing for Hana cloud services

SAP is introducing a set of new subscription pricing options for its Hana in-memory cloud computing platform, in a move that falls in step with the pay-as-you-go model common in the cloud computing industry.

Red Hat to take on Microsoft with .Net hosted service

Challenging Microsoft's Windows Azure on its own turf, Red Hat is ramping up services that would offer Microsoft .Net and SQL Server capabilities on its OpenShift PaaS (platform as a service).

Code to enable the Microsoft services is being provided by Uhuru Software, a company started by a number of former Microsoft executives and engineers that specializes in rendering Microsoft software as cloud services.

CloudBees cloud app development platform available on Verizon Cloud

The CloudBees enterprise platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering is now available on the new Verizon Cloud.

Verizon Cloud was announced last October and is now in public beta. It includes an IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) platform, Verizon Cloud Compute; and an object-based storage service, Verizon Cloud Storage.

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