ZTE preparing Windows phone plus swath of Android handsets
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Lesser-known smartphone maker ZTE says it's set to launch a Windows phone and eight new Android handsets at Mobile World Congress.


(Credit: ZTE)
Chinese phone company ZTE plans to make a big splash at Mobile World Congress with a Windows device and a slew of Android handsets.

ZTE isn't exactly a household name, at least in the U.S. The smartphone maker aims to change that by dropping an as-of-yet unannounced handset running Microsoft's Windows Phone software along with eight advanced Android devices described as "multi-core."

While this may sound a little vague, ZTE also made sure to highlight that one of the products in the works is a "major new quad-core flagship handset." Could this high-end gadget be the ZTE PF200? Whatever the company's megaphone turns out to be, it will no doubt join the playfully named Mimosa X, which will also arrive in Barcelona, Spain, next week.

Besides multi-core processing, ZTE said it will integrate 4G LTE technology into upcoming phones as well as "smart networks and cloud computing." It could mean a new server-based software service, or perhaps even remote tracking and data wipes for extra security similar to what HTC offers.

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