LG-Ericsson SBG-1000 Offers Office-in-a-box for Small Business
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LG-Ericsson’s new iPECS SBG-1000 is a SIP-based system for smaller businesses (up to 24 users) that incorporates voice, data and wireless services all in one box. Unlike some competing all-in-one solutions for very small businesses, the SBG-1000 includes voicemail and auto attendant, license-activated applications, SIP trunking, a WiFi antenna and DECT base station, Gigabit WAN connections, LAN ports with built-in PoE, an embedded file server/print server and Web-based administration.

The LG-Ericsson Smart Business Gateway (SBG) 1000 is a new solution in the company’s iPECS portfolio, addressing the very small business (up to 24 users) with a single hardware unit that handles all communications needs – voice, data, security, VPN, IT and wireless. SBG-1000 is similar to LG-Ericsson’s earlier iPECS-50 IP PBX (50 users) in terms of features and functionality, but has a smaller scale and does not support an ACD application. SBG-1000 also has a built-in WiFi antenna (802.11b/g/n) and DECT Base Station, and unlike the iPECS-50, SBG-1000 incorporates data services such as a print server, file server, Web server and security (VPN, firewall, packet filtering). The result is an easily installed and simply managed office-in-a-box for small businesses. SBG-1000 is also a good fit for an IP Managed Service.

Hardware: The SBG-1000 unit has eight 10/100 Base-T ports (four ports have Power over Ethernet (PoE) built-in), a 10/100/1000 Gigabit WAN interface, a 2-port analog (FXO) back-up trunk, one analog (FXS) port for analog phone or fax connection and a miscellaneous port for a door phone, external page or relay/alarm sensor. The system supports connections for six SIP trunks, 23 IP hard/soft phones or Wi-Fi handsets (one analog phone) or up to 16 DECT wireless devices. An embedded smart install wizard with pre-defined configurations allows plug-and-play installation, and a Web-based GUI enables local or remote administration.

Phones: A variety of LG-Ericsson phones and end user devices are supported, including LG-Ericsson’s LIP-8000 Series and two new wireless DECT phones, the GDC-450H DECT phone with back-lit, color screen and rugged design and the DECT-based LWS-WK wireless desktop phone (no physical network connection required). There is also a new WIT-400H WiFi handset. The company’s Phontage IP softphone supports Video Conferencing and Instant Messaging in addition to typical softphone functionality. Third party SIP phones and applications (IETF RFC3261-compliant) can also be used, including SIP-enabled Apple and Android-based devices.

Applications: Voicemail and auto attendant are built-in with four simultaneous channels and 200 minutes of storage. In addition, the system also includes two Phontage IP softphone licenses and a mobile extension capability that allows any wired or wireless phone to be paired with a system extension for simultaneous ringing of the twinned devices; e-mail and voicemail can also be forwarded to the twinned device. More functionality can be added separately (licenses required), including additional IP softphones, a PC Attendant, IP call recording, IP Networking, third party SIP telephones and third party TAPI applications. A new PDA application will be released shortly.

General Availability: The LG-Ericsson iPECS SBG-1000 is available as of September 2011 and will be sold worldwide. The SBG-1000 base package includes support for three SIP trunks and 12 SIP stations; additional capacity is license-activated up to six SIP trunks and 24 SIP stations.

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