Avaya IP Office v6.1 Launches
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Avaya, Inc. today released Avaya IP Office Release 6.1. Avaya IP Office is the company’s flagship communications solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The new version delivers a host of business collaboration and customer service enhancements that can improve ease-of-use and worker productivity for SMB workers, while introducing significant new efficiencies for businesses. I had a conference call and demo with Avaya executives to find out what would be in the latest version of IP Office.

What's new?

The new Avaya IP Office now has an easy single DVD bootable install running Linux and comes with key applications already installed. Previously, a business partner had to install the OS and IP Office applications from several sources via multiple DVDs. They claim you can install an office <20 users in under 30 minutes thus reducing TCO. Software installation times have been cut by 75% compared with the prior version according to Avaya.

The web-based Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office was redesigned and features a customizable interface with ‘drag and drop’ application “gadgets”. The application which lets users manage calls, IMs and e-mails from one PC-based portal now allows users to place gadgets (i.e. Directory, Call Log, etc.) wherever they want on their screen. Further customization includes ‘skins’ and branding with the SMB’s business name.

Avaya IP office v6.1 sports improved Contact Center reporting. It analyzes all calls flowing and makes them viewable on a geographic map. This provides a visual report of the volume of customer interaction according to their location. Another new contact center feature is forced state, where a supervisor can force an agent to become available if for example they notice their status has been set to unavailable for too long or there is a huge spike in call volume.

V6.1 offers expanded video options. It now supports advanced multi-point HD videoconferencing with up to 4 parties (requires the Avaya 1040 Video Conferencing System). Additionally, it enables video integration with selected third-party SIP phones, including the Polycom VVX and the Grandstream GVX3140.

Another feature they touted was its "Multi-site Management". SMBs can manage multiple office sites using one consolidated interface. This requires a single log-in to view and manage communications parameters (i.e. user rights, hunt groups) of multiple locations (up to 32 sites), which is another TCO improvement


Avaya IP Office Roadmap Progress

The company also completed significant elements of its Avaya IP Office roadmap, post the Avaya-Nortel Enterprise Systems (NES) merger. This includes interoperability with NES platforms and phones, including the Business Communications Manager (formerly NES’ SME offering) and CS1000 systems, and the BCM 1100 and 1200 series IP desk phones. With a lot of legacy Nortel IP phones out there, this is a huge selling point for Avaya. An Avaya-branded release of Business Communications Manager (version 6.0) features new remote and mobility capabilities and Web-based conferencing options.

Avaya upgrades IP Office, enhances interoperability with Nortel

Avaya has announced several upgrades to its small and midsize enterprises portfolio including enhancements to the Avaya IP Office; improvements increased interoperability options between the IP Office, Norstar and Nortel BCM; and a newly Avaya branded BCM 6.0 that adds unified communications features.  

Enhancements to the Avaya IP Office, considered by Avaya to be its SMB flagship communications solution, include: 

  • A new version of Avaya that enables installation with a single DVD containing a Linux-based operating system and key communications applications. Avaya contends that with the new approach, software installation times can be reduced by as much as 75% and the Linux environment (which does not require user licenses) further reduces TCO.
  • A newly designed, customizable interface with drag-and-drop applications.
  • Improved contact center reporting now featuring location-based business intelligence and call analysis viewable on a geographic map.
  • Expanded video options offering more advanced multi-point HD videoconferencing with up to four parties and video interoperability with selected third-party SIP phones.

Avaya also announced progress with its Avaya IP Office roadmap following the company's acquisition of Nortel Enterprise Systems (NES.)  Among the roadmap milestones:

  • A newly Avaya-branded BCM 6.0 (formerly NES' SMB) offering featuring enhanced unified communications.
  • Improved interoperability in mixed Avaya IP Office and BCM environments.
  • An enhanced "Essential Edition" targeting the Norstar installed base.
  • New teleworking solutions and improved mobility features for the 'Find Me Follow Me' application along with conferencing applications so BCM customers can add teleworkers to their system.

In a statement, Anthony Bartolo, general manager for SMB communications at Avaya said, "Our vision is to bring all of the powerful collaboration capabilities of big business to the SMB community -- without the complexity.  With the latest release of Avaya IP Office, we are advancing on this vision, while introducing new levels of cost-efficiency and TCO that drive new savings through advanced communications."

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