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Nobeysco expertise is in the ICT domain (Information and Communication Technologies), covering Telecommunications, IT, Internet, Cloud, SaaS, etc.

Nobeysco proposes consulting services to Service Providers, Telecom/IT/Software suppliers, distribution channels for the enterprise market (business communications, IP, mobility,unified communications, IMS, managed services, etc.). Area covered is Europe.

Nobeysco proposes also services to SMBs (market analysis, customer acquisition, communication and collaboration solutions). Area covered is France for the services activity.


Consulting covers the overall ICT domain for the European Market.
Nobeysco works with major actors in this area (solution suppliers, Telcos, channels).
Nobeysco has a partnership with AMI-Partners, an analyst firm specialized in the ICT domain, focusing on the small and medium businesses (SMBs) and Mid-Market (1-1000 employees).

Over the past for years, we have been very active in the "Cloud/SaaS" areas, working for major actors of these sectors.

Services targeting small and medium businesses in France



Telecommunications, Internet, Enterprises, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), SMB Market