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Alibaba enters U.S. cloud market, signaling global ambitions
2014 Smartphone sales.
Android for work to boost the use of Google mobile operating system in the workplace.
Jive beefs up company and community communications apps
IBM to pump $4 billion into cloud, mobile, and analytics
Firefox OS comes to Africa with Orange's $40 package deal
Alcatel's tech binds Wi-Fi, LTE together for crazy high speeds
HP buys Aruba to bolster its wireless networking business
Apache Spark jumps on the R bandwag
What's a consumer Office 365 subscription worth to Microsoft?
Digium Launches “Respoke” Platform as a Service
IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house
Orange, résultats 2014.
Crowdfunding en France. 150M€ en 2014.
IBM puts software and cloud at the center of storage
Pivotal goes all-in with open source in Big Data Suite
Microsoft launches machine learning as an Azure service
France. Fibre optique en progression de 25% en 2014.
Slack, Silicon Valley's hottest startup
Orange incorpore Microsoft Lync à ses offres cloud
HP courts enterprise workloads with new Helion private cloud
Panasonic targets SMBs with Hybrid UC Platform
France. Les smartphones gagnent du terrain dans les PME
2014 PC Sales
First Ubuntu phone will be sold in a limited-run flash sale
Box adds enterprise key management to overcome last hurdle to the cloud
AT&T opens doors between UC platforms and gives enterprises the key
Google gives VMware huge public cloud boost
2014 Tablet sales.
Collaboratif dans le cloud : Esker acquiert TermSync aux Etats-Unis
Microsoft to Invest in Android Startup Cyanogen
Google's search for sales, profit falls short
Amazon Says One Million Customers Actively Use Its Cloud Services
Amazon takes on Microsoft, Google with corporate email service
Slack’s New Acquisition Adds Voice Chat to Its Collaboration Tools
Phablets to flood smartphone market in coming years -- report
FTC's unrealistic Internet of Things report calls for smaller data
Facebook goes ‘deep’ in getting to know you
Cisco brings Meraki to the enterprise
Numericable-SFR oriente la fibre vers les petites entreprises
Facebook is trying to change the way advertisers look at social
Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant
Huawei shifts sights to high-end smartphones
Polycom Enhances Collaboration Portfolio
France, Big Data: moins de 2 entreprises sur 10 sont prêtes.

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Facebook open-sources image recognition, language modeling and machine learning software

Facebook has released as open source some software modules that can speed image recognition, language modeling and other machine learning tasks, in a move to advance computer artificial intelligence for itself and others,

Altran: accélérateur de start-up dédié aux objets connectés dans le milieu industriel.

La SSII Altran a créé un accélérateur de start-up dédié aux objets connectés dans le milieu industriel, et lance son premier appel à candidatures.

Les tendances du "Panorama Cyber-Sécurité" en 2014

A travers son Panorama, le CLUSIF aborde les grandes tendances de la cyber-criminalité. Un exercice dense en raison de la profusion des alertes de sécurité. Quelle sont les tendances du Panorama Cyber-Sécurité retraçant l’année 2014 établi par le CLUSIF ?

Startup funding hit $47B in 2014, surpassing dot-com bubble levels.

Large rounds of funding for mobile apps like Uber propelled 2014 spending to heights not seen since the dot.com era. Startups are partying like its 2001. At least, that's how venture capitalist are spending their money. The investment industry shelled out $47.3 billion on startups in 2014, reaching levels approaching the height of the dot.com bubble, according to a report venture capital database CB Insights published Thursday.

Cloudwatt: Orange veut piloter seul.

Deux ans et demi après son lancement, Orange consulte ses partenaires Thales et la Caisse des Dépôts pour prendre totalement la main sur Cloudwatt, un des représentants du cloud souverain à la française. Orange a engagé des discussions pour racheter la part du capital de Cloudwatt à ses partenaires, l’entreprise Thales et la Caisse des dépôts.

8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015

If only senior IT executives had a crystal ball. Then they would be able to see what software they would need, or want, to license – and could plan and budget accordingly.

Instead, senior IT decision-makers must rely on vendors, marketers and analysts (and technology reporters) to show them what the future may have in store for them. And while no one truly knows what trends will dominate the enterprise software space in 2015, experts in BI, CRM, ERP and enterprise software believe these eight are worth paying attention to.

VideoDesk a levé 4,8 M$ pour son développement international.

Editeur d’une solution de tchat texte, audio et vidéo pour les sites d’e-commerce, le Français VideoDesk a levé 4,8 millions de dollars pour multiplier sa force de frappe à l’international. Une enveloppe apportée par plusieurs business angels (Jérome Camblain, Bertrand Meunier, Bertrand Mabille, Didier Chambard), le fonds régional de co- investissement de la région Ile-de-France (FRCI) géré par CapDécisif et la BPI.

Mozilla plans Firefox OS for wearables, targets Apple, Google

Mozilla is planning a version of the Firefox OS for wearables, and one of the top priorities is to break down barriers among smartwatches, smart glasses and other body-hugging devices based on Apple's and Google's operating systems.

2015 Tablet sales.

See comments attached to this news for more information about 2014 Tablet Sales.


Enterprises win as cloud and on-site software vendors duke it out

More price cuts are expected this year because of fierce competition between cloud and on-site software providers, and enterprises will be the beneficiaries.

In particular, in the customer relationship management market, a key cloud battleground, seat prices for segments such as sales force automation are expected to decline in the next twelve months and by 25 percent through 2018, according to market research company Gartner.

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