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Microsoft rolls out Delve information and people discovery tool for Office 365
Box Extends its Enterprise Playbook, But Users Are Still at the Center
Docker nets $40 million in funding, hopes to hook bigger fish: Enterprises
Bitcoin platform Coinbase expands to 13 European countries
HP buys cloud provider Eucalyptus, Marten Mickos to lead HP Cloud
Gartner: Internet of Things has reached hype peak
ShoreTel Mobility 8 delivers mobile video collaboration
R programming language gaining ground on traditional statistics packages
Five ways Docker is taking over the world
Citrix software aims to solve storage/virtual desktop performance problem
Amazon building ad system to compete with Google's
Google's Slides presentation app now works offline on iOS
VMware stamps its imprint on OpenStack, with eye toward VM management
Amazon to acquire video game streaming site Twitch for $970 million
2014 PC Sales
AWS rolls out enterprise document storage and sharing
IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment
Office 365 SMB editions to get a makeover
Microsoft debuts cloud storage service for enterprises
US: Python bumps off Java as top learning language
With Passport phone, BlackBerry says it's hip to be square
IDC: Apps will drive public cloud spending to sustained double-digit growth
Microsoft's Windows to aid PC market revival in 2015
Microsoft adds Yammer to more Office 365 editions
EMC acquires TwinStrata to push corporate data into the cloud
2014 Smartphone sales.
Numvision, éditeur de logiciels BtoB de « cloud storage », lève des fonds pour son développement.
IT spending growth to be slower than expected in 2014, Gartner says
Google Dart upgrade zooms in on mobile app dev
Cisco acquires tiny collaboration company
Dropbox for Business folders can now be shared in read-only mode
Mark Hurd lays out Oracle's cloud progress, plan to be number one
Microsoft turns cloud storage into Office 365 feature
Google reacts to Office 365 momentum with beefier Apps suite
US: Mobile app usage hits 51% of all time spent on digital media
Google spells out ambitious plan: Android world domination
China sets out to become global leader in chip manufacturing
Dell aims Cloudera-powered appliance at enterprise Hadoop users
Google, Microsoft clouds now cover MongoDB
Microsoft cuts OneDrive prices, increases capacity
Hadoop analysis now tackling IoT to improve transit
France: baromètre PAC CloudIndex juin 2014.
Amazon's Fire smartphone is more a retail device than a phone
Oracle claims second-largest SaaS vendor title, while Q4 profits slip
Google's Go language on the rise, but Dart is stalling

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France: Solocal Group prend le contrôle intégral de Leadformance

Pour affiner la maîtrise de son expertise Web to Store, Solocal Group achève la prise de contrôle de Leadformance. Sachant que l’ex-groupe PagesJaunes, qui exploite une batterie de services numériques (à commencer par son annuaire), disposait d’une participation de 49% depuis fin 2011 dans cette société spécialisée dans le raccordement du commerce on- et offline.

Box buys cloud storage startup for streaming technology

Box has acquired Streem, a cloud storage and file-sharing startup that specializes in large media files and that has developed innovative technology for streaming that type of content.

"The entire team at Streem will be joining Box to help work on the future of content management and collaboration in the enterprise," wrote Box CEO Aaron Levie in a blog post Monday.

Docker containers to take a bite out of virtualisation market, says Forrester

The launch of Docker version 1.0 will disrupt the server virtualisation market and speed cloud adoption as businesses increasingly run applications on Linux containers, according to analysts Forrester Research.

Cloud hybride: OVH intègre la technologie vRack

En intégrant dans son offre la technologie vRack, le premier hébergeur européen facilite l’interconnexion privée d’infrastructures physiques et virtuelles sur un périmètre mondial.

En septembre dernier, plus de 70% des grandes entreprises interrogées par Gartner manifestaient leur intention d’intégrer – au moins partiellement – le cloud hybride dans leur stratégie IT.

Google plunges in to Docker management

Docker 1.0's release couldn't have been more eventful, with new services making use of the fast-evolving application packaging ecosystem and the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux becoming more Docker-centric.

Add another major name to that list: Google, per its announcements yesterday. Not only is Google adding support for Docker images to Google App Engine, the company has open-sourced a container management tool for Docker that is theoretically capable of running outside of Google's cloud services.

Mobile app data collection poses risks for enterprises, Gartner says

Most mobile applications will collect and analyze information about end users by 2015, a trend that raises both rewards and risks for enterprises, according to analyst firm Gartner.

Mozilla's $25 Firefox OS phones look to score in India

The alternative to Android and iOS is geared for low-budget markets, and it's about to hit one of the biggest in the world. Will that price tag light a fire?

Alibaba buys mobile browser firm UCWeb, gains 500 million users

China's Alibaba Group is buying UCWeb, one of the nation's top mobile browser companies, in a deal that will give the e-commerce giant a bigger reach with smartphone users. It's unclear how much Alibaba is paying for the company, but it already owns a 66 percent stake in UCWeb. As part of the deal, UCWeb will become UCWeb Mobile Business Group, an Alibaba unit, and be led by its existing CEO Yu Yongfu.

Mirantis and IBM offer bare-metal hosted OpenStack-as-a-service

OpenStack, the build-your-own-cloud software adopted as a flagship product by Red Hat, Canonical, and others, has long been seen as difficult to set up and manage.

Now IBM (by way of its Softlayer cloud subsidiary) and Mirantis (an outfit that's both an OpenStack vendor and solutions provider) are pairing up to provide OpenStack as a private, on-demand, pay-as-you-go service hosted on bare metal provisioned exclusively for the user.

Apple's Swift is instant hit among top programming languages

Apple's new Swift language, featuring modern-day development capabilities for building OS X and iOS applications, is likely to find swift, high placement in assessments of programming language popularity.

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