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Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise offers new mobility, video features- and some new phones
France. Les TPE/PME utilisent de manière disparate les outils numériques disponibles.
Facebook new video app gives you a new way to Riff with friends
joyn : Orange veut réinventer le SMS face à la messagerie instantanée
France: les budgets "Cloud" des entreprises fluctuent.
Google gives enterprise IT more control over Apps files and docs
Internet of Things connections to quadruple by 2020
Microsoft adds MDM capabilities to Office 365
OVH révise la grille tarifaire liée à son service de stockage en ligne hubiC
IBM to invest $3B in building Internet of Things business
Crowdfunding et prêt aux PME : Lendix lève 3,2 millions d’euros
Snapchat: 71% of US users between 18 and 34.
BlackBerry posts quarterly profit
Database pioneer Stonebraker rocks $1M “Nobel Prize in Computing”
Microsoft et Fiducial insèrent la tablette Surface dans un pack TPE-PME
Facebook pushes Messenger as future of business communication
Amazon fluffs up its cloud services for consumers
Vonage Grows UcaaS
Workplace-as-a-Service from Sprint
Cyanogen raises $80 million with help from Twitter
Microsoft to preinstall more apps on Android with partnerships
Bye bye Novapost, bienvenue à PeopleDoc
2015 PC Sales
France: Unilend lève 8 millions d’euros pour assurer le financement des PME
Big data interest still growing
Google and Avaya to bring Chromebooks and WebRTC to call center
France: Skype déclaré "Opérateur" par l'ARCEP?
Apache Tajo brings data warehousing to Hadoop
Why workers want self-service IT
IBM teams with BlackBerry and Samsung to offer governments a secure Android tablet
Microsoft customizes Azure for the Internet of things
2015 Tablet sales.
Social, messaging apps struggle with decision to 'bundle' or 'unbundle'
Microsoft partners with AT&T, Deutsche Telekom for SMB Office
Google offers low-cost, cloud-based backup service
Les Trophées Big Data 2015.
Avaya Upgrades Video Platform with Team Engagement Solutions
HP embraces open hardware designs with Cloudline servers
Alcatel-Lucent virtualizes WANs and routers
Google brings app messaging to its cloud
Internet of the Things. Where does Data go?
Alibaba enters U.S. cloud market, signaling global ambitions
2014 Smartphone sales.
Android for work to boost the use of Google mobile operating system in the workplace.
Jive beefs up company and community communications apps

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Digium Launches “Respoke” Platform as a Service

Digium announced the official launch of “Respoke” on their blog today, offering a cloud platform designed to enable communications for web and mobile applications. Respoke provides an API so developers can add live voice, video, messaging, and data services as to other applications; the platform is intended to allow communications feature development in a matter of days.

IBM brings BlueMix platform services in-house

The hybrid cloud will be the focus of this year's IBM Interconnect cloud computing conference, as the company rolls out new offerings designed to help enterprises extend their in-house operations.

"There is no one single cloud. Our clients have clouds. We have a cloud. Clients want to connect with other clouds," said Angel Diaz, IBM vice president of cloud performance. "If clients want to get the most from the cloud, they have to link to their existing investments."

Orange, résultats 2014.

Malgré une hausse de sa base clientèle sur les offres fixes et mobiles, Orange affiche des résultats en baisse sur l’année 2014.

La hausse du nombre d’abonnés fixes et mobiles en France comme à l’international n’aura pas suffi à compenser le recul du chiffre d’affaires d’Orange : 39,45 milliards d’euros en 2014, c’est 2,5 % de moins que l’année précédente.

Crowdfunding en France. 150M€ en 2014.

Compinnov estime que le financement participatif a drainé, tous canaux confondus, plus de 150 millions d’euros en France sur l’année 2014.

Avec plus de 20 000 projets mis en ligne et 152 millions d’euros collectés via les principales plates-formes agréées, le crowdfunding a pris une nouvelle dimension en France sur l’année 2014.

IBM puts software and cloud at the center of storage

The future of storage may not be in storage itself, but in the intelligence to manage it.

Major storage vendors and startups alike are now pushing software-defined systems spanning anything from a set of arrays to a whole enterprise. On Tuesday, IBM placed a big bet on this trend, announcing the first product in a portfolio called IBM Spectrum Storage and saying it will invest $1 billion in storage software over the next five years.

Pivotal goes all-in with open source in Big Data Suite

Bowing to customer pressure, enterprise software and services vendor Pivotal will release as open source the remainder of its software suite for analyzing data.

"Our customers want to be involved in our road map, because they know that is the only way they can differentiate themselves from their competitors," said Sundeep Madra, Pivotal vice president of products. He was referring to how enterprises are taking an increasingly active hand in developing the software they use.

Microsoft launches machine learning as an Azure service

Microsoft has expanded the data-analysis offerings on its Azure cloud, offering a machine learning service to help organizations derive more insight from mountains of unstructured data.

The new service is designed to reduce the amount of work needed to deploy machine learning.

"Our focus has been simplicity, simplicity, simplicity," said T. K. "Ranga" Rengarajan, Microsoft's vice president of engineering for data platform, cloud and enterprise.

France. Fibre optique en progression de 25% en 2014.

Selon les derniers chiffres de l’IDATE, le nombre d’abonnés à la fibre optique en France a progressé de 25%, faisant ainsi entrer l’Hexagone dans le trio de tête en la matière en Europe.

Slack, Silicon Valley's hottest startup

Slack has a very simple concept that resonates with many: IRC for the enterprise, with hooks between the chat app and just about any external service you can imagine. We already knew it was hot.

Now, thanks to momentum numbers released today -- Slack's first anniversary -- we know just how hot.

Orange incorpore Microsoft Lync à ses offres cloud

La nouvelle solution de communications unifiées dans le cloud Business Together as a Service Microsoft d’Orange Business Services (OBS) intègre les composantes de la plate-forme Lync de Microsoft. Orange Business Services (OBS) profite des TechDays 2015 pour annoncer un nouveau partenariat avec Microsoft.

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