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Slack’s New Acquisition Adds Voice Chat to Its Collaboration Tools
Phablets to flood smartphone market in coming years -- report
FTC's unrealistic Internet of Things report calls for smaller data
Facebook goes ‘deep’ in getting to know you
Cisco brings Meraki to the enterprise
Numericable-SFR oriente la fibre vers les petites entreprises
2014 Tablet sales.
Facebook is trying to change the way advertisers look at social
Oracle is quietly becoming a cloud giant
Huawei shifts sights to high-end smartphones
Polycom Enhances Collaboration Portfolio
France, Big Data: moins de 2 entreprises sur 10 sont prêtes.
Why on Earth Is IBM Still Making Mainframes?
Microsoft will acquire Revolution Analytics, reflecting the company’s wider interest in data science and R language.
Microsoft Office 365 Adoption Takes Off, War With Google Apps Rages On
AT&T opens doors between UC platforms and gives enterprises the ke
LinkedIn Makes Enterprise Inroads With New Communication Tools
Dropbox boosts mobile talent with CloudOn
Microsoft introduces the Surface Hub for business meeting
Europe: le "Cloud Public" en progression.
2014 Smartphone sales.
Facebook open-sources image recognition, language modeling and machine learning software
Altran: accélérateur de start-up dédié aux objets connectés dans le milieu industriel.
Les tendances du "Panorama Cyber-Sécurité" en 2014
Apple's Swift is instant hit among top programming languages
Startup funding hit $47B in 2014, surpassing dot-com bubble levels.
VideoDesk a levé 4,8 M$ pour son développement international.
Cloudwatt: Orange veut piloter seul.
8 Enterprise Software Predictions for 2015
Mozilla plans Firefox OS for wearables, targets Apple, Google
2015 Tablet sales.
Enterprises win as cloud and on-site software vendors duke it out
Facebook at Work aims to get on boss' good side
Microsoft's device share growth to outpace Apple's through 2016
France. French Tech, outil opérationnel en faveur de l'innovation et du business?
iOS outshines Android among corporate crowd, says survey
Ericsson aims to triple network speeds for 4G phones
The Future for Consumer Goods in the Data Economy
France. Projet de loi Macron sur le numérique: actionnariat salarié, open data et dématérialisation.
When Enterprises Become Carriers
France. Nouvel incubateur Smart Data for Customer Intelligence.
Hybrid cloud adoption set for a big boost in 2015
France: SaaS Academy pour accompagner les éditeurs français de logiciels dans le virage du cloud.
France, Cloud. Les organisations françaises ont une approche de plus en plus stratégique du cloud.
Salesforce connects SharePoint files to its cloud with new tool

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Box unveils a new partner program to boost customer trust

A lot of businesses trust cloud sync-and-store provider Box, but they trust a lot of other solutions, too, for things like identity, data loss protection, and digital rights management.

But you can't always trust them to integrate very well without some help.

IBM climbs on the Docker bandwagon

Docker fever continues to spread across the enterprise IT landscape. Following similar moves by Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Google, IBM is equipping its enterprise cloud services to run the Docker virtualization containers.

Delivered as part of its Bluemix platform services, the IBM Containers service is currently in beta and will allow users to launch and run Docker containers on the IBM Cloud.

Q3-2014. Disk storage market grows with inclusion of ODM vendors.

Disk storage sales grew more strongly in the third quarter, helped by sales of non-branded storage gear sold directly to datacenters.

Third-quarter disk storage sales jumped 5.1 percent year over year, reaching US$8.8 billion, according to research firm IDC. This was a change from the anemic growth the market saw earlier this year, brought on by falling demand in mature markets.

Server sales, Q3-2014. HP slips, IBM stumbles, white boxes rise in server market.

For the big winner in this quarter's IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker report, look at the server market as a whole, which expanded about 5 percent over the past four quarters. All the big-name vendors are potential losers, though, as generic hardware eats into their profits. That generic hardware comes in the form of the ODM (original design manufacturer) market, which is up 44.2 percent over the last four quarters and now commands nearly 9 percent of the total sales in the server market.

Mobilité, France. Les PME en période de transition.

Orange estime que les PME françaises sont encore loin d’exploiter le plein potentiel des terminaux mobiles (smartphones, tablettes) qu’elles fournissent à leurs employés.

Dropbox pursues enterprises with new Business API

Though it offers a business-tier plan, Dropbox has historically lacked a full-blown business platform on the order of Box and its APIs. That's about to change with the introduction of the Dropbox for Business API.

The API is an attempt by Dropbox to leverage the massive user base it's built up both inside and outside of enterprises. The company is gambling that a sufficient number of companies haven't already made a commitment to a competitor.

The Internet of things to bring a new economic boom

The Internet of things (IoT) may be more significant in reshaping the competitive landscape than the arrival of the Internet. Its productivity potential is so powerful it will deliver a new era of prosperity.

That's the argument put forth by Michael Porter, an economist at the Harvard Business School and James Heppelmann, president and CEO of PTC, in a recent Harvard Business Review essay. PTC is a product design software firm that recently acquired machine-to-machine (M2M) firm Axeda.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Unveils OpenTouch Suite for SMBs

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has added to its unified communications portfolio with its OpenTouch Suite for SMB, targeting the small- and medium-sized business. New features include simplified SIP support, BYOD solutions, and a flexible cloud approach.

SMBs get their very own Salesforce app store

Users of Desk.com, Salesforce’s cloud-based customer service product for small and medium-size businesses, now have an app store designed just for them. Called Desk.com App Hub, the store offers 50 apps from Salesforce partner companies that handle functions including group chat, social monitoring, language translation and e-commerce analytics.

WebRTC close to tipping point as Cisco, Microsoft announce products

It was all the way back in the Spring of 2011 that Google released WebRTC, its nascent real-time, browser-based, HTML5-powered, no-plugin-required video chat project to the public. In the three and a half years since, the Internet Engineering Task Force and the W3C have been working together to try to formalize the standard, prepare the stable 1.0 release, and get it ready for prime time.

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