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2014 PC Sales
AWS rolls out enterprise document storage and sharing
IBM rethinking decades-old computer design with $3 billion investment
Office 365 SMB editions to get a makeover
Microsoft debuts cloud storage service for enterprises
US: Python bumps off Java as top learning language
With Passport phone, BlackBerry says it's hip to be square
IDC: Apps will drive public cloud spending to sustained double-digit growth
Microsoft's Windows to aid PC market revival in 2015
Microsoft adds Yammer to more Office 365 editions
EMC acquires TwinStrata to push corporate data into the cloud
2014 Smartphone sales.
Numvision, éditeur de logiciels BtoB de « cloud storage », lève des fonds pour son développement.
IT spending growth to be slower than expected in 2014, Gartner says
Google Dart upgrade zooms in on mobile app dev
Cisco acquires tiny collaboration company
Dropbox for Business folders can now be shared in read-only mode
Mark Hurd lays out Oracle's cloud progress, plan to be number one
Microsoft turns cloud storage into Office 365 feature
Google reacts to Office 365 momentum with beefier Apps suite
US: Mobile app usage hits 51% of all time spent on digital media
Google spells out ambitious plan: Android world domination
China sets out to become global leader in chip manufacturing
Dell aims Cloudera-powered appliance at enterprise Hadoop users
Google, Microsoft clouds now cover MongoDB
Microsoft cuts OneDrive prices, increases capacity
Hadoop analysis now tackling IoT to improve transit
France: baromètre PAC CloudIndex juin 2014.
Amazon's Fire smartphone is more a retail device than a phone
Oracle claims second-largest SaaS vendor title, while Q4 profits slip
Google's Go language on the rise, but Dart is stalling
15 conseils pour augmenter les ventes de votre site e-commerce
Wireless data traffic more than doubled in US in 2013
CA gets into cloud management of IT services
Vodafone, Huawei link LTE and GSM networks
Salesforce takes a shot at Zendesk, Freshdesk with Desk.com upgrade
France: Solocal Group prend le contrôle intégral de Leadformance
Box buys cloud storage startup for streaming technology
Docker containers to take a bite out of virtualisation market, says Forrester
Cloud hybride: OVH intègre la technologie vRack
Google plunges in to Docker management
Mobile app data collection poses risks for enterprises, Gartner says
Mozilla's $25 Firefox OS phones look to score in India
Alibaba buys mobile browser firm UCWeb, gains 500 million users
Mirantis and IBM offer bare-metal hosted OpenStack-as-a-service

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Docker all geared up for the enterprise

Docker 1.0 has officially arrived, giving organizations a proper chance to use the emerging cloud technology to create and run applications with even more agility. Docker declared its namesake virtualization software ready for full production use Monday.

First released over a year ago, in March 2013, Docker has been making an impact in the market for virtualization and cloud computing. Both Google and Red Hat have incorporated Docker into their own services and software.

To achieve independence, Apple and Samsung need to leave Google behind.

During his WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple CEO Tim Cook defiantly lobbed jabs at Google and Android as he hadn't before. Between taunts about malware, fragmentation, and inferior devices, Cook announced that the company further cut ties with Google by picking Bing as the backbone of its search efforts on its operating systems.

Despite gains, Hadoop still has big holes to fill

While the Apache Hadoop distributed data processing platform has made great strides in enterprise businesses, it still needs ease-of-use, security, lifecycle management, and tooling to solidify its status, key industry analysts believe.

Hadoop has to become "part of the IT environment," said Ovum analyst Tony Baer at the Hadoop Summit conference in San Jose, Calif., this week, but it must become easier to use and not be so programmer-centric.

MapR Extends Hadoop's Reach With Big Data App Gallery

MapR Technologies, provider of the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop, added a new dimension to the big data market today with the launch of a Hadoop application gallery, which features ready-made big data utilities and applications for developers, administrators and analysts. "This is the first of its kind," says Steve Wooledge, vice president of product marketing for MapR Technologies. "It's a showcase of different applications that people are building for Hadoop.

Dimension Data to Launch Enterprise Mobility as a Service

Dimension Data, a global Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions and services provider, has announced it will launch Enterprise Mobility-as-a-Service (EMaaS.) The move signals the company’s intent to offer a suite of cloud-based end-user computing services on a global basis. Availability and pricing will be announced later this year.

SFR: les jeux vidéo avec Google Play.

SFR exploite le business des jeux vidéo intégré dans une dimension multi-supports (TV, smartphone) avec l’aide de Google Play. Un segment en croissance, selon l’opérateur.

SFR propose une nouvelle offre convergente dans le domaine des jeux vidéo pour les utilisateurs de son décodeur SFR TV avec Google Play Store. Le principe est simple : tout jeu acheté sur mobile est disponible gratuitement sur le décodeur télé sous Android 4.2.2. Et vice-versa.

Apache Spark is Hadoop's speedy Swiss Army knife

Hadoop, the data processing framework that's become a platform unto itself, is only as good as the components that plug into it. But the conventional MapReduce component for Hadoop has a reputation for being too slow for real-time data analysis.

Enter Apache Spark, a Hadoop data processing engine designed for both batch and streaming workloads, now in its 1.0 incarnation and outfitted with features that exemplify what kinds of work Hadoop is being pushed to encompass.

SAP going full steam ahead on HANA, the cloud, and 'simple' software

A couple of things became clear during SAP co-founder Hasso Plattner's keynote at the Sapphire conference today: SAP remains committed to the HANA in-memory computing platform, as well as its push into SaaS (software as a service).

Neither of those conclusions came as a great surprise, but the event gave Plattner an occasion to reassert SAP's direction at its biggest annual conference, shortly after a management shakeup and the anointment of sole CEO Bill McDermott.

A first: Microsoft pulls in more from enterprise collaboration than Cisco

Microsoft has overcome Cisco’s lead in enterprise collaboration sales in the first quarter of 2014, taking in a slightly higher percentage of sales for the first time, according to Synergy Research Group.

Tizen seeks role in Internet of things

Though the two-year-old Tizen platform is still ramping up, proponents are championing the open source OS as a potential unifier for the much-ballyhooed Internet of things, a change from Tizen's original mission to be a smartphone OS to replace Nokia's Symbian.

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