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Updated: 1 hour 51 min ago

Android One set to roll out to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal

1 hour 56 min ago
The platform, first launched in India, is heading to other parts of Asia as part of Google's effort to bring affordable smartphones to emerging markets.

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Apple Pay to be welcome at Walt Disney World

2 hours 8 min ago
Starting December 24, visitors to Orlando's Walt Disney World can use Apple Pay to buy tickets, merchandise and other items.

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Get a three-month Rhapsody Premier subscription for $1

2 hours 45 min ago
That's an awful lot of music-streaming goodness for just a buck, and potentially a great last-minute gift!

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Fox News channels go dark on Dish as contract talks stall

2 hours 57 min ago
The absence of those channels marks the third major blackout for Dish subscribers in recent months.

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'The Interview' earns rave reviews -- without anyone seeing it

2 hours 59 min ago
Even though Sony Pictures canceled the theatrical release of the film, it earns nearly perfect ratings from users on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.
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South Korea nuclear plant hit by hacker

3 hours 18 min ago
The hacking comes in the wake of increased tension and trouble from North Korea, though the source has not been confirmed.
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Nanoplug, the invisible hearing aid that's a lifestyle product

3 hours 28 min ago
No bigger than an eraser, the Nanoplug is affordable and, its makers claim, half the size of conventional hearing aids.
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Pawsome supercut: Cats vs. Christmas trees

3 hours 29 min ago
Have a Meowy Christmas with this hilarious highlight reel of pet cats attacking holiday ornaments, gift-wrapped presents and the decorated tree itself.

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Uber hit yet again with legality concerns -- this time in Asia

3 hours 57 min ago
Taiwan and China mega-city Chongqing are questioning whether Uber has the right to operate its service -- regardless of Uber's new agreement with Chinese search engine Baidu.

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Who's really taking you for an Uber ride?

4 hours 14 min ago
After an Uber driver allegedly rapes a woman in Boston, the ride-sharing service's background checks come under scrutiny.

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iPhone 6 price jumps 35% in Russia as ruble plummets

4 hours 33 min ago
Following a temporary halt to online sales, Apple again ups the price of the iPhone 6 in Russia amid the instability of the ruble.
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Apple in 2014: iPhone 6, iCloud hack, Beats and more (pictures)

5 hours 4 min ago
Here is a look at the tech giant's many highs -- and a handful of lows -- over the past year.

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Consumers not sold on Apple Watch without more details, analyst says

5 hours 18 min ago
Only 7 percent of iPhone buyers polled by analyst Gene Munster intend to buy Apple's upcoming smartwatch, down from 8 percent in September.
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How Apple got its polish back in 2014

5 hours 30 min ago
The tech giant bounced back from a less-than-impressive 2013, introducing the blockbuster iPhone 6 and making its biggest-ever acquisition.

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Google wants auto industry help for self-driving cars

5 hours 53 min ago
The tech giant is going full throttle with the project, but could do with the expertise of car manufacturers.

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Face iPads and chicken phones: When mobile gadgets go cuckoo

6 hours 50 min ago
If there's an iPad on your face, a communicator on your chest and a giant drumstick on your ear, then you must be exploring the wacky world of unusual mobile gadgets.

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10 mobile gadgets gone gonzo (pictures)

6 hours 50 min ago
Forget boring rectangular smartphones and staid wearables. What you really need is a fried-chicken phone case and a "Star Trek"-style communicator on your chest.

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Infrared shows us the Horsehead Nebula as never seen before

13 hours 50 min ago
The famous Horsehead Nebula has been literally seen in an entirely different light, as NASA's Spitzer captures it in infrared.

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The Arcade: a capitalist commune of indie game development

14 hours 52 min ago
Playing host to 19 different companies, the Arcade in Melbourne, Australia is dedicated to changing the face of indie game development. Just don't call it an incubator.

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Bluetooth for the Blue Period: Art and tech unite in MONA's gallery app

15 hours 12 min ago
Australia's Museum of Old and New Art is renowned for its unique design, eccentric founder and provocative art. But at the centre of it all, MONA's greatest achievement has been in the technological realm.

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