New Xiaomi Mi Band will cost just $13

CNET News - 6 hours 13 min ago
The new wearable fitness tracker will have a battery life of 30 days and doubles as a security key for your XIaomi smartphone.

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Xiaomi unveils the iPhone-lookalike Mi 4

CNET News - 6 hours 36 min ago
Powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor and loaded with 3GB of RAM, the Android KitKat smartphone will debut in China.

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Quickflix CEO tells Netflix to bring it on

CNET News - 8 hours 32 min ago
Stephen Langford, CEO of Australian streaming service Quickflix, confirms "business as usual" after shares change hands, while he is eager to battle Netflix face-to-face in Australia.

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GE releases instructions for 3D-printable jet engine

CNET News - 8 hours 45 min ago
If you head over to Thingiverse, you can get instructions for a hand-cranked, 3D-printable jet engine, courtesy of GE.

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This fully functional microscope is built entirely out of Lego

CNET News - 8 hours 53 min ago
Collecting votes now on Lego Ideas is a fully functional microscope -- constructed entirely out of Lego bricks.

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A superhero Sabbath? Comic-Con to host cosplay Shabbat

CNET News - 9 hours 46 min ago
Where else but Comic-Con would you find Sonic Screwdrivers at a Sabbath table? A Shabbat "un-networking event" that got its start at SXSW comes to the massive geek-fest.

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Hillary Clinton sees diplomatic promise in social media

CNET News - 11 hours 39 min ago
Former US secretary of state tells a Twitter Q&A that social media has the power to help resolve conflict between nations.

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The fastest rocket ever built is up for auction

CNET News - 12 hours 41 min ago
An historic HFL Kholod Mach 6.47 scramjet jointly developed by NASA and CIAM -- the fastest rocket ever built -- is going under the hammer in September.

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Google may turn NYC phone booths into Wi-Fi hubs

CNET News - 13 hours 2 min ago
The search giant is among many companies in the running to bring New York City's phone booths back to technological relevance.

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Build your own singing Tesla coil

CNET News - 13 hours 38 min ago
TinyTesla allows anyone to build a Tesla coil that shoots arcs of electricity and plays simple MIDI music files.

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Apple reportedly readying record production for iPhone 6

CNET News - 13 hours 47 min ago
Suppliers asked to make 70 million to 80 million handsets with bigger screens, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Woman posts Facebook pic in allegedly stolen dress (store notices)

CNET News - 14 hours 40 min ago
An Illinois woman is arrested after a local boutique puts out an alert about a distinctive neon leopard print dress.

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Find Your Tech Type Sweepstakes

CNET News - 14 hours 55 min ago
Answer eight simple questions, enter for a chance to win*, and we'll reveal your digital personality. Did we mention the prize is a pair of pretty rad high-tech glasses?

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Samsung to iPhone users: You've got screen envy

CNET News - 15 hours 30 min ago
A new Samsung ad suggests that iPhone users are people who have been blinded by their lack of appreciation that big screens have been here all along.
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Tomorrow Daily 021: New video capture tech, the Rickroll 'Rickmote,' a new X-wing, and more

CNET News - 15 hours 36 min ago
We're geeking out today over a new way to capture motion, a funny way to Rickroll people, and the Episode VII X-wing fighter reveal. Also, a projection wearable, and your user feedback. Will the Rickroll ever die?
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The 404 1,528: Where we change your life forever (podcast)

CNET News - 16 hours 5 min ago
CNET's front-door wizard Iyaz Akhtar joins the show for the time ever to talk about a cheaper Tesla, projection watches, and a 404 Easter egg he's been sitting on for years.

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Netflix Q2 profit surges as it surpasses 50M subscribers

CNET News - 16 hours 17 min ago
Netflix's rapid adoption both at home and abroad means another quarter with gangbusters profit growth, but the costs of its grandiose plans to get even bigger crimped it a bit.

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'Futurama' returns...for one 'Simpsons' episode

CNET News - 16 hours 17 min ago
Listen up, meatbags. Bender and his "Futurama" friends are coming back for a special "Simpsons" crossover this fall.

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Smart toilet paper holder won't be ignored when roll runs out

CNET News - 16 hours 21 min ago
The world may not be ready for a smart toilet paper holder that desperately tries to get your attention when it's running low.
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Push takes fitness trackers to the next level

CNET News - 16 hours 22 min ago
Strength-training armband Push targets more serious athletes, and Facebook adds a new Save tool to read posts later.
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