The Role of the NFs/Organizers


DEFINITION: A PROMOTER, who has legal personality and commercial recognition in his/her country, wishes to be appointed as the entity responsible for the organisation and staging of a Beach Volleyball EVENT as per agreed terms.

Furthermore the PROMOTER must provide a professional organizational structure, with an active full-time dedicated staff working in an equipped office.

In the FIVB Beach Volleyball organizational scheme, a National Volleyball Federation may “wear two hats” and undertake the responsibilities, expenses and incomes of the National Federation and a Promoter. Or a National Federations may appoint an independent Promoter to organize a Beach Volleyball event autonomously or as is done in most occasions, in an agreement between a promoter and a National Federation to work together for an event.

The main responsibilities and expenses of a Promoter of a Beach Volleyball event have been enlisted below. Depending on the established Terms and Conditions of a given Beach Volleyball event, the below scheme might need to be adjusted, as not all events will have the exact same requirements, thus the expenses. When developing your Beach Volleyball event`s budget try and include all possible expenses considering available financial resources.



  • International and local travel as well as board and lodging expenses for one representative at the meetings, seminar or clinics organized by the Continental Confederation or any major FIVB Beach Volleyball events;
  • Insurance covering the risk of damage resulting from accidents caused by a stand collapsing or any other faulty or incorrectly installed equipment and/or infrastructure.
  • Implementation of the terms of the agreement (if any) undersigned between the responsible party (ies) – i.e. FIVB, National Federation and Continental Confederation;
  • Making available its organization structure to coordinate actions between the parties, ensuring a smooth running of the event.

Only a few of the Beach Volleyball athletes are professionals (paid to play Beach Volleyball, therefore any support the organizer may provide (i.e. Prize Money, paid board and lodging) will help attracting participants!

Prize Money & Fees

  • Prize Money: recommended to incentive the participation of athletes.
  • FIVB`s, National Federation`s or Continental Confederation`s Sanction/License Fee (if applied at all). License fee is usually applied for top profile events when certain rights are delegated to the Promoter.
CSV Continental Cup leg in Montevido


  • Stadium and facilities in accordance with the established requirements for the given event (press center/press rooms, interview rooms, medical control rooms, medical treatment rooms, Official and Competition Management rooms, meeting rooms, lounges, coaches’ area, locker room, parking area, catering/lunch area, photographer area, storage room, TV camera Platform-if any, showers, toilets, others, etc.). The facility requirements will vary depending on the event`s category. Please refer to section Venue & Facilities;
  • chennai-challenger-in-india-lighting-system-300-200
    Night matches at the 2010 FIVB Chennai Challenger in India
  • Sand courts and court equipment for a sufficient number of courts and warm-up courts per gender. This varies depending on the competition format and schedule. For more details please refer to Competition System & Related Matters.
  • Inspection Visit might be required to verify the conditions of the proposed venue and facilities. An inspection visit may be executed by Technical Delegates appointed by the FIVB, Continental Confederation and/ or NF;
  • Electricity, communication cables and water supply will be needed at the venue;
  • When matches are played at night, artificial Light system (min. 1500 lux on the centre court) might be required;
Volunteers in Mozambique


  • Salaries and flat fees related to the Organizational Chart members, Organizing Committee, Auxiliary Officials, Neutral International referees, local Referees, court personnel, staff, incentive for volunteers, etc. Other expenses may apply as per established Terms & Conditions. For more details please refer to the Organizational Chart and Court Organizational Structure.
  • Administrative costs.


  • Accommodation arrangements for the Delegates/Officials for the duration of the event and covering the expense based on established Terms & Conditions;
  • Accommodation arrangements and accommodation expenses for the Neutral International Referees and local Referees for the duration of the event;
  • meals-are-usually-provided-300-280Accommodation arrangements and accommodation expenses for the Organizing Committee Members, and other staff members needed to smoothly run an event, excluding the personnel responsible for setting up and dismantling of the venue, who will be required to stay on-site in accordance with the venue construction plan;
  • Accommodation arrangements and accommodation expenses for the teams participating from the evening before the start of the tournament until the day after the teams’ elimination from the event;


  • Food in sufficient quantity and quality for the Officials, Delegates, Referees (local and Neutral International), etc;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for the Organizing Committee Members, and other staff members needed to smoothly run an event, excluding the personnel responsible for setting up and dismantling of the venue, who will be required to stay on-site in accordance to the venue construction plan;
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel for the participating athletes (from the evening before the start of the competition until the day after the teams’ elimination from each event).

Local Transportation

  • Local transportation for the Technical Supervisor for the site inspection, as well as during the preparation and the competition period;
  • Local transportation for the FIVB`s/ Continental Confederations`/ NFs` Officials, Delegates, Referees (local and Neutral International), etc.;
  • Fuel costs;


    Kick-off Press Conference for FIVB Chennai Challenger 2010 at Hotel Savera
  • Costs related to the press center personnel (including the Press Director and the Photographer), press facilities, interview room, and the set up of suitable conditions for Journalists to perform their duties;
  • Set up of equipment in the press center at the venue (i.e. telephone, fax, internet access, internet charges for communication and transmission of press releases, etc);
  • Costs related to the holding of a press conference (s);
  • Accreditation of Media and Invitation of Journalists;
  • Collection of digital pictures at the end of each day/ or the tournament and dispatching the press material;
  • Set-up and maintenance of the event`s website;
  • Communication and transmission purposes;
  • Preparation and distribution of an Event`s Press Kit (if applicable).


  • marketing-325-148Implementation of a Marketing strategy to facilitate an efficient promotion of your event (s). For more information, please refer to Marketing Guidelines;
  • Production costs of the promotional materials (e.g. posters, flyers, official programs, billboards, accreditation cards, etc.);
  • Production of branding around the playing courts, the customized bands for the nets, according to the stadium configuration plan;
  • Realization of marketing items as per Branding Kit (if the sanctioning entity has provided one). For example, for the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup, a dedicated Branding Kit has been made available to maintain a uniformed “look” of the event, venue and promotional efforts.
  • Set-up of a sponsor`s village adjacent to the centre court. Sponsors village usually features tents allowing representation of your sponsors, as well as food stands, bars, etc.

Publication, Production and Promotion

Cheerleaders at the 2011 Women`s Challenger in Seoul, Korea
  • Preparation and implementation of a Media plan (website, TV campaign, radio advertisements, press conferences, etc.). For more information please refer to the Features of a Media Plan.
  • Event publicity and promotion on a national scale (local press coverage, VIP journalists);
  • Official meetings and awarding ceremonies during the competition;
  • Entertainment and production costs (dancers, announcers, personnel, artists, and support staff as required to implement an effective program as well as fees to clear the music rights, etc.);
  • Side events (facilities for dining and dancing, conducting PR activities, etc., in areas close to the competition courts);
  • Sound system for the Center Court;
  • Provision of trophies for each of the three top ranked teams of the event (per gender);
  • Costs related to the preparation and organization of a Camp for Beach Volleyball fans (if any).
Grand Opening Ceremony, with the attendance of VIP from China Volleyball Association, Hiakou Municipal Government

Hospitality & Protocol

  • A VIP package may be proposed to the spectators (including an accreditation, catering, parking, side events, merchandising, hotel (if required), and other benefits). These packages are usually recommended to be proposed to the sponsors, partners and/or any special guests you would like to show special attention to.
  • A hospitality zone for sponsors and press, with easy access to reserved areas on the stands.
  • Special Guests (World/Sponsors/Stars) may be invited for semifinals and finals and may be presented to the TV, the public, and the press as tournament personalities;

The Rolling Stones Ronnie Wood attended the 2011 VISA FIVB Beach Volleyball International Olympic Test event in London!

TV & New Media Broadcasting

  • If a TV Broadcaster is involved, an appointment of a Host TV Broadcaster and a signed Host TV Broadcaster Agreement will be required. For more detailed information, please refer to TV Production;
  • Availability of an ENG Crew;
  • TV Coverage and Post Match Coverage;
  • TV Program Rundown, Shadow/lighting, booking procedure, list of screens, list of participating teams, briefing, recording, shipment of the tapes;
  • TV Broadcasting report and TV data should be produced at the end of the event.

Medical Controls and First Aid Area

  • Medical expenses covering the medical controls, medical services, first aid area and physiotherapies. For more information please refer to Medical Area & Requirements;
  • CEV-technical-meeting-350-200
    CEV Continental Cup leg - Technical Meeting for Women at Scandic Front Hotel
  • Medical staff personnel and assistance;
  • Equipment for the Alcohol Test (if applicable).

Event’s Regulations and Participation

  • Costs related to the room, equipment, and personnel requirements for the organization of the Preliminary Inquiry and the Technical Meeting;
  • Costs related to the hardware and personnel to run the Beach Volleyball Information System during the event if and when applicable);

Accreditation and Security

  • Security plan for all days of the event (at the hotel, the venue, parking, village, etc.) whenever required;
  • Administrative costs for Security staff;
  • Accreditation plan, system, area, and cards.
CAVB President Dr. Elwani and Kenya Volleyball Federation President Kioni with Kenyan men's and women's teams


  • Electricity, water, hostesses, furniture, air conditioning, office equipment (fax, computers, stationery, etc.), beverages, snacks, communication equipment such as Walkie Talkies, signage, toilet trash, decoration such as plants, carpets, etc., rote tilling machines, mobiles, translator(s), authorizations to use the area related to the venue.


The National Volleyball Federation is the governing body of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball in a given country or territory, affiliated to the FIVB and to its respective Continental Volleyball Confederation. The main goal of a National Federation should be to develop a National Beach Volleyball Council, a National Tour, National Teams’ programs, Officials, FIVB events, etc.

The National Federation is responsible for all National Volleyball and Beach Volleyball competitions, professional or British Volleyball Federationamateur, and those sanctioned by the National Federation as part of its National Beach Volleyball official calendar, Tour and tournaments, on its territory. The NFs are legally recognized as the sole entities competent to administer and govern Volleyball in their respective countries or territories.

Its objective is to manage, organize and promote Beach Volleyball on a National scale, especially with regards to competitions included in the National Beach Volleyball official calendar. A National Federation is furthermore responsible for registering their athletes/teams accordingly and entering them in each FIVB event.

National Federation may act as a promoter upon setting-up a full time dedicated structure. The National Federations must follow FIVB guidelines and abide by FIVB Rules and Regulations.

National Federations` Responsibilities & Expenses


  • Provision to the Promoter of all necessary documentation and information which might facilitate each duty;
  • Oversee the overall implementation of the established terms and conditions of an event respecting the deadlines of an event`s master plan. For more details please refer to the event`s master plan;
  • serbian-volleyball-federation-CEV-WCH-2011-350-343
    Serbian Volleyball Federation Aleksandar Boricic, CMO Vip Mobile Petra Stangl (M), CEV Vicepresident Renato Arena, 2011 CEV Beach Volleyball European Championship, Serbian Masters, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • Issue adequate insurance covering all its registered athletes for any eventual injuries and/or other health problems that may arise during the season;
  • Make available its organizational structure to coordinate action with the FIVB/Continental Confederation and the Promoter to ensure the smooth running of the event;
  • Ensure administrative obligations (i.e. NF-athlete Commitment, Health Certificate, anti-doping program, Entry of Host Country, withdrawal from a competition, etc.) of the registered athletes are undertaken.

Medical Controls and Medical Services

  • Appoint a Medical Delegate (if any);
  • Agree to conduct doping controls on behalf of FIVB with national or other anti-doping organization in accordance with the FIVB medical regulations.
  • Expenses associated to the anti-doping test controls.

Event’s Regulations and Participation

  • Optimization of the competition format and schedule, match format, competition and court program;
  • Accreditation of team coaches and teams Physical Therapists;
  • Implementation of the Official Beach Volleyball rules of the Game, specific regulations, event’s regulations, sanctions, etc.;
  • Mailing of the Confirmed lists participant list, the official Invitation letter, and the approved Event’s Regulations to the parties involved in the event (participating NFs, officials, etc.);
  • Implementation of Host Country team programs, if possible, to boost the hosting teams;
  • Official match format/schedule must be planned according to the established competition regulations and in coordination with parties concerned (FIVB and/or Continental Confederation, the Promoter and the Host Broadcaster).
Referees at Chaganas Beach, Trinidad and Tobago

Publication, Production and Promotion

  • Costs related to the operational and promotional support for the event, through its Beach Volleyball and Press department;
  • To develop at the beginning of the season biographical sketches with personal information on each individual national Beach Volleyball player;
  • To integrate in the press kit the biographies for top ranked players and to feature special players only.

National Officials

  • Appointment of a National Federation Vice-President as the person responsible for all Beach Volleyball strategic matters;
  • Selection and training of the host country referees, auxiliary referee personnel, and court personnel;
  • Costs related to training of technical delegates, BVIS experts, coaches, etc.
  • Costs related to the nomination of a National Beach Volleyball Coordinator and the set-up of a council to develop Beach Volleyball programs accordingly;
  • Appointment of a Referee Manager responsible for all local referee matters;
  • Appointment of the Competition Manager, Technical Manager, local referees, line judges and scorers;
  • Costs related to the provision of the necessary services for the event, including the staff, in case the promoter is unable to fulfill the terms of the agreement.
  • Administrative expenses for the necessary office equipment to run a Beach Volleyball Department.

Professional Beach Volleyball athletes travel oversees to benefit from the best weather con-ditions to train year round!

The National Federation’s other Responsibilities

  • To do its utmost to stage as many Beach Volleyball activities within the territory (i.e. a National Tour, National Championships, a leg of the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup, Challenger, Satellite, Exhibition, etc.)
  • To develop a National Team program raising the technical level of its athletes;
  • To integrate the International Beach Volleyball tournaments in a multi-sports event;
  • To provide all necessary services for the event, including staff in case the promoter is unable to provide such services.


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