The Role of the Confederations


CSV Continental Cup leg in Venezuela

The five FIVB-affiliated Volleyball Confederations (Asian Volleyball Confederation, Confédération Africaine de Volleyball, Confédération Européenne de Volleyball, Confederaciõn Sudamericana de Voleibol, and Norceca Volleyball Confederation) are the governing organs of Volleyball and Beach Volleyball for a given Continent and are under the authority of the FIVB. After the FIVB Congress and the Board of the FIVB, the Confederations are the most representative institutions of the FIVB in their respective geographical areas.

Starting from 2009 and onwards, the Continental Confederations have a dedicated Beach Volleyball Department in charge of the Continental Beach Volleyball activities. The main goal of the Beach Volleyball Department of a Confederation is to oversee, homologate or support any Beach Volleyball activities in their territory.


  • Develop Beach Volleyball by creating opportunities for its National Federations to take part;
  • Develop a Continental Beach Volleyball events` structure
  • Define Terms & Conditions of each events` category
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  • Collect , evaluate and approve candidatures for hosting continental Beach Volleyball activities;
  • Coordinate continental Beach Volleyball calendar with the FIVB Beach Volleyball events` calendar;
  • Issue specific event`s regulations for each event;
  • Organize seminars and clinics whenever required and cover related expenses;
  • Homologate the results of the participating teams of the continental Beach Volleyball tournaments (i.e. seal and signature onto the scoresheet, update on the website, etc.);
  • Assist NFs/promoters with their know-how and transfer knowledge;
  • Allocate the financial support received from the FIVB into Beach Volleyball development, and the respective funds allocated strictly for the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup first phases.
  • Coordinate Inspection Visits and bear the related costs. Technical Inspection Visits look after the correct interpretation and adoption of all the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup regulations (i.e. marketing issues, venue set up, etc.) and members of the Organizational Chart must attend this visit to verify the follow-up of the organization in their respective areas.
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    AVC Neutral Referees & Local Referees
  • Nominate Technical Supervisors, Referee Delegates and International Neutral Referees in accordance to the needs of each event;
  • Supervise and participate in the organization of the events ensuring that the best playing conditions are guaranteed for the participating players.
  • Collect all post-event reports, assess the results and find solutions for improvement;
  • Appoint a title sponsor or other international sponsors for the Beach Volleyball events according to the established Terms & Conditions;
  • Each Continental Confederation has the exclusivity in product, services or supplier categories outside the FIVB reserved sponsors categories (depending on the event`s category);
  • Provide Branding guidance for any of the Beach Volleyball events based on the established Terms and Conditions.
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    For Beach Volleyball Continental Cup, each Continental Confederation is responsible to control the application of the Continental Cup Branding Kit developed by the FIVB.
  • 2010 CEV Continental Cup Sub Zone leg in Zrece, SloveniaExploit commercialization rights (i.e. on-site exposure, inflatable, branding around the venue, VIP Hospitality packages, etc), in coordination with the organizers;
  • Manage the media impact of the Beach Volleyball events in the territory – press conferences, use of all media channels;
  • Realize Media /promotional plans in a global perspective and for the events under their jurisdiction;
  • Develop TV broadcast of the events in the territory and capitalize on the results;
  • Associate Beach Volleyball events with an environmental & development programs to raise the impact.
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