Role Of FIVB-Confederation-NF/Organizer


Organizers of the 2011 FIVB SWATCH World Tour in Aland, Finland

This section will briefly outline the role of each of the stakeholders – the FIVB, Continental Volleyball Confederations, National Volleyball Federations and the Organizer – towards the organization of a Beach Volleyball event. Information laid out in this section is mainly based on the organizational structure of the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup event, however may be also well applied for any Beach Volleyball event, adapted to the needs, terms and conditions of the event and resources of each country, under the authority of the respective National Volleyball Federation and Continental Confederation`s territory and regulations.

Obviously the exact role of each party at a given Beach Volleyball event will be established by the governing entity, be it the FIVB (example - the FIVB Beach Volleyball SWATCH World Tour event) or Continental Volleyball Confederation (example - the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup events) or National Volleyball Federation (example – a leg of a Beach Volleyball National Tour). Each organizer will then establish an organizing chart with the aim to smoothly run an event! There are different organizer models. For instance, a National Federation may act as an organizer or it may mandate a promoter for certain responsibilities or eventually a National Volleyball Federation and a promoter maybe responsible for certain areas of the organization.

logo_arrondi-300-168For each category of events, the involvement of each party might differ, as for the Beach Volleyball Continental Cup , for example, FIVB is merely providing guidelines set in accordance with the International Olympic Committee as part of the Olympic qualifier. However, the competition is actually under the jurisdiction of the respective Continental Volleyball Confederation , which then defines, delivers and implements the tournaments with the help of its affiliated National Volleyball Federations.

The goal of this section is to give an understanding of the interaction between the governing bodies and the organizer when staging a Beach Volleyball event, as well as to give ropes to the organizer when setting up an organizational structure for a Beach Volleyball event.


In 2008, the FIVB Board of Administration (BoA) agreed upon the need of implementing a reform in Beach Volleyball. The main focus of the reform was to diversify the 2012 Olympic Qualification system for Beach Volleyball and to develop Beach Volleyball by providing to all the affiliated National Volleyball Federations varied Beach Volleyball opportunities.

With the new FIVB`s philosophy to further increase the awareness of Beach Volleyball worldwide, a decision to involve and delegate certain responsibilities to the Continental Volleyball Confederations and National Volleyball Federations had been taken. Requiring proactive involvement, a set of opportunities to develop Beach Volleyball had been created. These opportunities have been based on a goal to develop Beach Volleyball worldwide and expand it to new markets. Strengthened image of the Beach Volleyball in countries / areas where it already exists by creating opportunities for athletes to become Beach Volleyball professionals, by introducing Beach Volleyball to a vast fan base and TV audience, by creating opportunities for National Federations to obtain Olympic places at the Olympic Games. The ultimate opportunity has been created to promote Volleyball as a sport through Beach Volleyball due to the few requirements to actually play and/or practice Beach Volleyball.

fivb-philosophy-600-281The new FIVB`s philosophy foresees proactive involvement and synergy between all the parties: the Continental Volleyball Confederations, the National Volleyball Federations and the Organizers, therefore the role and responsibilities of each one have to be clarified. Each party is fundamental and the right contribution in a coordinated manner would ensure organization of successful Beach Volleyball events and growth of Beach Volleyball.

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