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Dear Beach Volleyball Enthusiasts,

We are glad to present to you the first ever Beach Volleyball E-book!

Today Beach Volleyball is a continuously growing sport! More and more people are bringing Beach Volleyball to the next level from a summer leisure activity played on the beach with ones friends and family. The worldwide knowledge of the sport is clearly evident – only a few my say they have never hit a Volleyball in their life. But can they play and can they organize tournaments?

The idea of the Beach Volleyball E-Book was borne to provide educational support to developing National Federations worldwide and implement a successful first cycle (over a 3-year period) of the Continental Cup, newly conceived tournament determining 5 Olympic places for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Furthermore, should the National Federation had not had the luck through the Continental Cup Final tournament, another chance to obtain two Olympic Places is provided through the FIVB World Cup Olympic Qualification tournament, which will see a competition among 2nd and 3rd ranked countries/National Federations from each of the Continental Cup Finals. The Continental Cup, in its first phase involved 142 National Federations competing in 38 tournaments worldwide, which is a record number for Beach Volleyball and other sports as well! Most participants were new to Beach Volleyball, and we realized that elaborate educational material about Beach Volleyball was only available for the professional level athletes and competition organizers. Bits and pieces have been made available by Beach Volleyball veterans on common media platforms, like Youtube, Facebook, etc. The goal is to compile this valuable material in one place, to allow developing countries raising their level of practicing Beach Volleyball from the basis upwards. With this support mechanism, we are sure new stars in Beach Volleyball will be borne.

The goal of this Beach Volleyball E-book is not only to cater to the Continental Cup competitions, but to anyone interested in Beach Volleyball – to play, to organize and/or to officiate. Should you be an aspiring athlete, Beach Volleyball competition organizer, or should you wish to participate by becoming a Beach Volleyball referee, this Beach Volleyball E-book should give you the ropes to follow your ambitions.

Beach Volleyball E-book has been created as a user-friendly tool where information is supported by a lot of graphical material, visual aids and videos. You will also see that most of the material is downloadable and may be used to further transfer knowledge, and /or help you in your activities (i.e. readymade templates of documents and forms, PowerPoint presentations of various topics, teaching videos, etc.) Furthermore, you might want to raise questions that have not been answered in the E-book or join a discussion on the Beach Volleyball E-book blog, where experts will share their experience and knowledge directly with you.

We truly hope you will benefit from this educational tool! Should you wish to share your feedback or raise a point that has not been discussed in this material please do let us know and we will be more than happy to add its content.

We wish you a successful learning experience!

FIVB Beach Volleyball Department Team

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