Decision Making Process

The FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission

The FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission members meet at least once a season (usually October or November) or whenever requested by the FIVB. The main goal of this commission is to develop Beach Volleyball development programs worldwide outside the World Tour and World Championships properties. Proposals affecting all National Volleyball Federations must be submitted to the Executive Committee, to the Board of Administration and eventually to the World Congress for approval.

Proposals from this Commission to the FIVB President may nevertheless be submitted for his approval should urgent measures be taken during the season.

Path Of A Decision Making Process


FIVB beach volleyball commission composition


The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Council

Besides general Beach Volleyball matters (which are first discussed at the FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission, the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Council focuses on the decisions concerning the World Tour and World Championships properties and its organizers. The FIVB Board of Administration may delegate for specific activities the administration, management, and organization of the FIVB SWATCH World Tour and FIVB SWATCH World Championships to the Beach Volleyball World Tour Council. This organism is placed under the FIVB authority, and is lead by its President Dr. Ary da Silva Graça Filho and its Secretary Mr. Vicente Henrique Gonçalves de Araújo who are in charge of promoting Beach Volleyball worldwide.

Since 2004, the honorary President of the World Tour Council has been S.A.S. Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco.

The FIVB World Tour Council is composed of the following persons:


The FIVB may also invite representatives of TV and Marketing agencies, Broadcasters, FIVB Sponsors, press, members of the Medical commission, etc.

The Beach Volleyball World Tour Council gathers once a year at the FIVB Headquarters in Lausanne to evaluate figures of the current season (reports), assess the results of the tests of any new Official Beach Volleyball Rules, discuss the assignments of specific dates to Organizers, and determine the calendar for the following season(s). The Beach Volleyball World Tour Council also approves the global FIVB SWATCH World Tour regulations, competitions format, list of FIVB Officials, etc. to be implemented by the Organizers. The World Tour Council may also discuss improvements to be implemented in marketing and broadcasting within the framework of the FIVB/NF-Promoter Agreement. The participation of the highest ranked representatives at the World Tour Council is compulsory. Each nation with a signed FIVB/NF-Promoter Agreement is granted two seats in the Beach Volleyball World Tour Council: one for the National Federation (member) and one for the promoter of the World Tour event. If a country has more than one Promoter, it has the right to have one seat for each Promoter.

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