Communication Chain

communication chain and decision making process


The goal is to establish an easy way to communicate between all parties based on the established FIVB decision making process.

Under the guidance of the Executive Committee and Executive Group developing core strategy for the Beach Volleyball`s growth, FIVB Beach Volleyball Department ensure its implementation supported by all the FIVB Departments.

The main focus has been placed on developing a direct interactive exchange of ideas, information between the FIVB Beach Volleyball Department and the FIVB Continental Confederations, which allows them to further transfer knowledge to their affiliated National Federations.


communication flow for FIVB beach volleyball matters

Under the authority of the FIVB President and the Executive Committee members, the FIVB Beach Volleyball Events Director is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the Olympic Games and of the FIVB Beach Volleyball tournaments including of FIVB SWATCH World Tour events, FIVB SWATCH World Championships, Continental Beach Volleyball Cup & FIVB Beach Volleyball World Cup, Challenger (whenever applicable), Satellite (whenever applicable), Exhibitions, Country vs. Country and FIVB SWATCH Junior & Youth World Championship Programs. In addition the Beach Volleyball Department liaise with all FIVB Departments, all affiliated National Federations, Continental Confederations, Professional Promoters, FIVB Partners, FIVB Sponsors, FIVB agencies, FIVB delegates, FIVB officials, players, etc.

department_members-600-319The FIVB Beach Volleyball Department members will be your direct contact should you have any questions concerning Beach Volleyball.

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